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A picture of Bob and me

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A shadow box frame I found that suits it perfectly.
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You deserved a wonderful love, Mary. I wish it had lasted longer.


It sounds like a lovely story is causing me to smile for your joy together. Thanks for telling me.


@dhi, Thanks for writing. Bob died in 2013 and my dresser is full of his pictures. We were only married for 8 years but I had known him for over 50 years. It is a long, wondrous tale of God's open door. Mary


I know that every time I think of someone who has gone on ahead, they are standing there right beside me, trying to talk to me. I have had many meaningful conversations with those who have passed and could not talk about all they are telling me now.
Blessings to you, your husband., son and his family.


@Woodworker. Thanks so much. Nice to meet you too. Small world. I have enjoyed Jigidi since my husband died. I still miss him. Mary


So happy to "meet" you here! We live about 46 miles apart, since I live 40 miles north of Chattanooga!


19Tiger9, Just a note to you. I do not know when your wife died but I am ssorrry and I too share your grief. I am riding a book from D. Pete Deison used to be an associate pastor of the church I attended for more than 40 years. It called Visits From Heaven. She comes to him in dreams. Thought I would tell you. It has been helpful to me. I have it on Kindle. God bless. Mary


Just think folks we all are not alone if we loved the ones that departed before us. Some are need here and there, you and I are here and we need to do what the Lord wants us to do. Be Happy and help the children and if you do you will be rewarded. On that statement I am as sure as I can be. I know what my wife is doing over there, dusting the furniture so it will be ready for me. I want to love her as she has never been loved before. Holding her will be greater then anything in this world. The Loneley Tiger.


Mary, Beautiful and such wonderful words I'm praying for you my dear sweet new friend


Warren Weirsbe once said to a saintly elderly pastor and Bible teacher that he was sorry about the loss of his wife. The pastor replied to him, "If you know where they are, they aren't lost." What a grand reunion you will have - with your parents and your beloved husband- but even more so, with our blessed Redeemer. Love the statement at the bottom of the picture.


A beautiful puzzle and beautiful words! Receive a big hug from Chile, Pamela


God bless you, Mary! Such a wonderful saying and picture! Thank you for posting it. A Big hug, Mary!


A beautiful picture of you 2 and you both look like nice people!


lovely and so loving!!! Just remember, he is with you all the time! He lives in your heart....


Thank you for opening up to us and sharing.
You will love the people here at jigidi.


A beautiful picture of you and Bob, Mary. Love the little verse at the bottom. ((hugs))


This is a lovely saying Mary, full of love & hope. The frame really does suit your picture very nicely. My heart goes out to you, & I'm praying for you to be comforted in your loneliness & help you through this sad & difficult time. And the same for you BevPuzzler8, as it seems you've also lost your loved one recently.


I always pray for people who are lonely, Mary. Now you're surrounded by friends on Jigidi.

God Bless your lonely heart....I,too, know the feeling.
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That's beautiful. Thank you, Mary.


How sweet...and inspiring!


That's a wonderful and comforting phrase, too, thanks Mary, and a lovely photo of you and Bob. Hugs to you.


And that faith is so special - what a great picture

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