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Happy Australia Day!!

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Wishing everyone a very Happy Australia Day - those here - and abroad, wherever you are!!!
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I hope you had a happy Australia Day!!!
I'm sorry I'm so late for the party. : )


Thanks so much Floyd - it was very hot, so we did as little as possible!! Except for Jigidi:))))


I missed your Australia Day.
Hope you enjoyed it fully.


Thanks Barb; Jan, Jim( no more rain, just high humidity!!), Florrie, Karlein, Jana, Morris, Ginger, Shirley, Suzy, snooker ( so funny!!!!), and Lyndee:)) Shirley - that seems to be the general way things have gone with the Koala - we've only seen a handful in the wild - and it's a shame!!
Thanks for all your lovely comments - they are really appreciated:)))


Happy Australia Day Robyn!!!

There's Barry, Larry, Jerry, Kerry and sweet Sheri. :) Enjoy your day.


Adorable card, Robyn!!!
Happy Australia Day, mates!!!


I love our furry friends, when we first came to the Darling Downs to live, back in 1975 we had a Koala in the tree near the dairy, it was great to see him every morning when we milked the cows, and on the road into Oakey there were Koalas in every second tree, now you done see one.
Hope you had a great Australia Day Rob.


Hope your day was special as you all are!♥


Hope its a good one!!!


Great photo, I love all the uncles and aunties or Barry Koala :-)))) Thank you so much Rob.
I hope your Australia Day was great. Hugs dear friend.




Happy Australia day Rob, I saw on the Brisbane radar where you got lots of rain the other day. Looks like there is some about now.
Beautiful group of happy looking koalas. Enjoy you special day. Jim


Hope your day was a good one, Rob. We had a barbecue - but stayed under the air conditioner! Great card, that Barry gets everywhere!


Wow! This is a great photo and just perfect for the Australia Day, Rob!
I hope you will celebrate all day and all night :) Happy AD... :)))


Thanks chookie! It's meant to be cooler tomorrow:))) Bring it on I say:)))


Rob, I don't envy you with your hot and steamy weather - like anther said, our weather is quite cool here, although there's still a lot of people celebrating Australia Day at the beach today. I hope you're enjoying the tennis, mate :)))


Thanks anther:))) Lucky you too - we're really steaming here!!!

Thanks Janet - hope your cloudy day ends up in some rain:)))


That is an excellent Australia Day pic for us Rob. Barry's family are good looking folks. Have a great day yourself. Thanks and hugs.


Thanks Rob, and Happy Australia Day to you too. It is somewhat cooler here in SA at present and Kirsten said same for Vic. We are in low to mid 20s and getting up to 30C by Thursday. First week back for school too. Those koalas are so cute all together like that. Thanks. :-))


Thanks Lunie:))))

Thanks Nev, Marge and Barry:))) LOL!! That Barry sure gets around:)))) I thought it was a great family portrait - he's from a very handsome family:)))) Cheers mate:)))


Am with you rob! Back in PNG, it was a good day for us, it being a holiday meant staying at home with my stamps...Happy Bday Aussie!


LOL!! I cheated Beekay:))) I found it on the internet:))) I couldn't resist when I saw them all lined up!!! Thanks :))

Thanks Joy:)))

They are really pretty.


Oh my! Another great photo today! This is fantastic, the compostion and the lighting is perfect. How did you manage to get them to pose for you ;-))

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