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Weekly Theme: Sparkly Things!

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It's sparkly jewelry tonight!
This emerald and diamond necklace is not for everyone -- it's priced at $44,000. But it's currently on sale, and if you complete the puzzle, you'll find out what the sale price is :-)
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  1. andie9830:06
  2. JillianB0:07
  3. hilda450:08
  4. jvsofield0:09
  5. wshealy0:11
  6. vfdl470:11
  7. dellee010:11
  8. donsuper80:12
  9. valt460:13
  10. jen70:13


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@MarinaNephele -- that's how I feel about jewelry. If it's real, you'd always have to worry about losing it or having it stolen, but glass would look just as pretty :-)


It is really lovely to look at but I wouldn't even consider getting something that precious. On the other hand if it was made of glass and cost less than 5 euros..perhaps I would get it.


Hi Voronica and Val, I agree -- posting this on Jigidi is as close as I'll ever get to anything like this! Thanks for stopping by :-)


Gorgeous but well out of my price range LOL


Bekkabee, I'm not even entertaining the idea of it! LOL . . . . . Hugs*

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