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Critter Cam

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12 pieces
20 solves
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  1. Horn0:16
  2. davehenry10:17
  3. Ianto0:17
  4. Mbuchner0:18
  5. JM_Cookie0:19
  6. canoekaw0:21
  7. jrmtcushman0:22
  8. wshealy0:22
  9. Ms_Maddy0:25
  10. jen70:30


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The costume is ok ... but look at that makeup !


Everyone wears a costume for Halloween.


This is an odd looking raccoon...




I knew a guy who raised them for pets, they were very nice to handle.


They make nice pets if you get them at the right age. I had one as a child, walked the neighborhood with him on a leash. One night he got out and was gone. Dad removed the scent gland, he was a vet.


It sounds like she made a nest in a wood pile up the street, soon her kittens will be all over the hood.


I hope the babies are not under the porch like what happened years ago at a friend's home.


Oh yes, that is a skunk.


Has she had her babies yet?

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