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Groveton Covered Bridge

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Located in Northumberland/Groveton over the Ammonoosuc River New Hampshire.
This bridge built in 1852 is a Paddleford truss with added arches. The bridge is 126'0" long with a clear span of 108'3". It has an overall width of 21'0" with a roadway width of 15'0", and a maximum vertical clearance of 13'0". The bridge is restricted to foot traffic only.
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This covered bridge is very beautiful, as is the Blenheim bridge in NY, which I also checked out. I am so sorry for the loss of these historic bridges, & all of the memories that they held for many people. We have a quite a few covered bridges here in Oregon, & have also lost a few in storms & such, & just from age & neglect. I've posted pics of a couple of our bridges, & will post more from time to time. They are a very special & much-loved part of America's history & it is a shame that any of them should be lost. Thank you Beekay for sharing this lovely photo & puzzle with us.


That's a beautiful old bridge !!!
Thanks Beekay. : )


i did a little research on this town yesterday. i was surprised to find it is only about 75 miles from where i grew up, so not sure why i never heard of it, or found myself there. the site said the town population was only 300 (the 2000 census, not sure why they didn't have a more current one but it probably hasn't changed much.) even my little town was quite a bit larger. and maybe i was there without knowing it. i did spend a lot of time driving and riding back roads, though i doubt i ever got that far on a horse. i am sorry about your friends suzy. do you still live in that area?


Link to Suzy's bridge...


They have been gathering "pieces" of it, Beekay. Currently, the town is attempting to get FEMA funding to help rebuild the bridge. The county was devastated by the flooding, a number of our friends lost their homes, and the towns that were flooded still bear the marks of the flooding. Luckily, there were no lives lost.
I think Jo was further "downstate" when she was in NY, 2-3 hours south of here.
I have made a collage of the bridge that I will post shortly.


Suzy, you might check u-tube...I just watched a great video last night on your Blenheim Bridge...supposedly the video was filmed just days before the bridge was lost. I had never before seen separated lanes. Do you think they will ever rebuild it? Perhaps it is one of the bridges that Jacki remembers.
Thank you Ank and it's nice to see you getting around Jigidi :-)))


We lost our covered bridge in Blenheim, Schoharie County, NY during Irene. The historic covered bridge stood proudly over the Schoharie Creek for more than 150 years.
The Blenheim Bridge was built in 1855 by Nicholas Montgomery Powers, it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places as of October 15, 1966.
The bridge was the longest single span bridge in the world (at 228 feet) and (before it was washed away) one of only six remaining bridges in the world with two separated lanes. It is constructed of Long truss with a center arch.
I will find photos of it to post.
It was the amount of rain from the hurricane that caused the flooding, Jo. The county is still recovering from the devastation.


Great photo. Thanks. ☺♥☺


i don't know beekay. i have a hard time time picturing a hurricane in upstate new york at all. i mean, there is some awful weather up there, blazing humid heat in the summer and piles and piles of snow in the winter, but hurricanes? i can't imagine how it would have effected anything. i do have a friend back there, although she moved farther south years ago. i'll send her an email.


Well, I still have more to post Lunie :-)

It would be such a joy Toto :-))

Do you know if those bridges made it through the flooding caused by hurricane Irene? I know NY lost at least one Jacki. Yes it's my photo Jacki...I took it Sunday while on a trip to Stark NH to photograph the covered bridge there which just reopened after renovations.


wonderful beekay. i love these places. there were 7 in the area of upstate new york when i lived there. is this your shot too? it's a good one. thanks.


I love the imaginary photo of you taking a photo of a band of intrepid Jigidiers leaning out of the bridge taking photos. Thanks, Beekay.


Another fantastic covered bridge, so amusing! Have seen them only from you here in Jigidi...Thanks BK!


I would love to be standing in this same spot photographing this bridge with all you, my Jigidi friends, lined up across the inside of the bridge taking a photo of the upriver view :-)) That would be a photo worthy of posting on ★Jigidi ★ :-))) Thank you all for your wonderful notes and stopping by to visit ♥


Beautiful! love the reflection! another shot Beekay!


That would be a great view crossing and taking pictures, of course.


Just beautiful thanks BK and fabulous reflections. Hus ♥


My feet would gladly walk across this great covered bridge. Do love them my friend. Has a long history with it too. Thanks Beekay. hugs. ♥


Don't think I seen this if I'm going to remember every covered bridge in New England!!!!


Nice long span on this one, Beekay. Many feet of craftsmanship and beauty!


I love covered bridges, BeeKay. This one is very lovely. I'd love to walk over it. Thanks.

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