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Can I have fish, please

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  1. AuntBrennie010:19
  2. youngone0:19
  3. hadzi0:19
  4. JennyG660:20
  5. jyl0:22
  6. Hjalmar0:23
  7. Surreal_Heidi0:24
  8. Watchman0:24
  9. Charc600:25
  10. Apiary320:25


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I'm with you Heidi. That looks nasty and should be fed to the cat. I also agree with YO, my cats were never aloud on the counters or tables. I do love the look on this cat's face.-------------------Molly



It doesn't look very appetizing. Give that fish to the cat.

cappy, he knows what is on the table but is being very good and waiting to be offered some. :)

This one looks very relaxed considering there is FISH nearby, Wendy. :)


You just gotta love cats. They know how to play their cards and totally know how to relax...........Wendy

that cat is waiting for left over, enjoy.

Think you ate correct, Jigsaw. Ours were never on counters. :)


This is a cat that's not allowed on the counters. Ours would have devoured the fish before we even had a bite.

We had two that watched me clean fish freshly caught in a nearby river. They just sat there patiently and waited for their share. This one is just like them. :)


Wow a perfectly behaved puss☺☺


Any kitty who asks that sweetly can have all the fish she wants.


A very sweet expression on this cat's face!! -- Carol


I'm surprised the cat is asking. Most cats would already be chowing down on the fish.


Yes, Sweetheart. You asked so nicely!

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