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Another one of the worlds largest cranes
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I would like to see it also. Has to be a sight to see.

Saw this in the distance off Halifax. Couldn't get any good enough pictures.


Remysmom, Yes I have seen a large crane in the Gulf of Mexico dissemble an oil rig next to the one I was working on. It is a sight to see. I don't remember the name of the crane. Lots of rigs in the Gulf.

Correct@Bubba1943. This is a marine crane ship. It is used to help assemble or break down very large structures at sea, such as gas or oil rigs. It is currently deployed in the North Atlantic, helping dissemble a gas rig over a depleted gas field. It will offload large components of the rig onto huge barges which will then transport them to a commercial maritime center in Ireland.
Thanks @Bubba1943 for the opportunity to learn something new.


It's a crane used to lift very heavy things. Click the link above and they have pictures of this crane.

Or is it?

An oil rig

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