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Theme - Dogs, Cats and Small Pets

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Fuff close-up.
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  1. Dclo2:05
  2. Ianto2:24
  3. jrmc2032:37
  4. maryoz20142:44
  5. yarnover2:49
  6. miau2:53
  7. kayboblee3:03
  8. margerhyner3:04
  9. jyl3:06
  10. IceB3:06


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She is perfect where she is.

A real close-up of a beautiful cat.


@jyl what a beautiful cat. Like you, I have been blessed with two cats that needed homes, and they have been with me twenty-six years and I have been very blessed too.


What a lovely way of expressing your affection for this beautiful fur baby. I love the way your closeup shows her coloring, jyl. We have a fur baby who came to us at about the same age and in a similar way. Like you, we knew he would be a very loved kitty for the rest of his days and we would make sure he knew how much he was wanted and loved. They all deserve such attention--especially those who are rescued in one way or another.


I never tried to label her with a breed; mine was at least her fourth home and when she came to be mine, at age seven years, we both knew we would be together for the rest of a life, so we took each other as we found them and were more than content with that.


I looked up Norwegian Forest Cat again & think this is the breed of ur Fuff. would love to see the head photo


My cat Tori was similar, if she has light as air bones and frame and very fluffy toes she very well may be a Norwegian Forest Cat. They are bird killers extraordinaire.


Could she have been a Maine Coon ? The size seems impressive, just like mine. Beautiful girl !


Thanks, Joanne - she was a beautiful girl, inside and out. The colouring is said to be "one in a million."


What a beautiful cat. So many lovely colours in it's fur. Thanks for posting, jyl.

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