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Can you see the eagles?

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It was rather magical to take a quick picture of a statue and then to 'discover' eagles in it !!


Flying over white magic!


Hi mpilnadyful. SO GOOD to receive your note. Thank you! Are you at home now or still in the hospital? I'm not rushing you! You take it easy. Breathe deeply and slowly. I am still thinking of you and praying for you.

Hi Ank Thank you for your note too. I read your note on someone's puzzle (?) about going to the doctor on Wednesday for test results. Please know that I am also thinking of you and praying that all will be well.

Thank you, goingsilver. I'm glad you liked the puzzle. Yes, I was delighted by the surprise appearance of the eagles. In Stanley Park last weekend they were not cooperating at all !!


Interesting statue, and what a bonus with the eagles! Great.


Wow Cathy, beautiful, thanks


I love birds - especially birds that soar - I think they take our spirits with them. How delightful to have a desired but unexpected surprise just fly into your lens view. Thanks


Thank you, lyndee. I'm glad you like the picture.


Yes Cevas, I see them. A very nice shot! It's not easy to get a bird in flight. Thanks.


Oh JC I meant to say that you are right about birds. I tried very hard to get a good picture of two eagles in Stanley park the other day. Sigh! Then I take this one of a statue and poof there are eagles in it !?!


Hi patsyanne. Thanks for your comment! Yes, I love to see them flying! I have never been to the Eagle Fest. Thanks for the link.

Hi starlord. I'm glad you stopped by. I'm pretty sure they were singing 'Peaceful Easy Feeling'. Sounded good, whatever it was!

Thanks JC. I think it's a man in a boat but I'm not sure why there are so many oars.


Indeed, I can see them. They are playing 'Hotel California' :-)

Great to see them isn't it? We have a pair that lives quite close to us on Okanagan Lake and love to watch them soar especially with their young ones in summer. Do you know about the Fraser Valley Eagle Fest on Nov. 17 & 18? Go to


Thanks, texasstar. I don't know? I was taking a picture of the statue from a car. It wasn't until I was cropping the picture that I noticed them !!


Wow! Lucky you to see these. How many were there?


A store on Marine Drive near Brooksbank in North Vancouver, Canada.

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