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The Socratic Method: Save on Poison Hemlock!

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I was reading the comments of laurajane's puzzle:
and I decided to search for "Poison Hemlock" to see what turned up. Well, the second item was one of those sponsored links which simply plugs your search term into a stock template - see the second item above!

At least I was using Duck, Duck, Go!, so the sponsored links are identified with a yellow background, and I can ignore them. But this caught my eye! Black Friday Deals on Poison Hemlock? Really?
Why this advertisement?


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That *is* funny! I'm thinking that with some creative searching, and inspection of ads and sponsored links, you could develop a series for Jigideers.


I was looking to buy candy online, via Google. A few pages in I noticed an eBay ad on the side of the search page - "Looking for candy? Buy used candy at eBay!" ROFL



Funny. Poison hemlock for a holiday gift at!

Thanks to you I was put onto laurajane's puzzle which was of a REAL hemlock. Poison hemlock should really have another name, as it's a totally different plant (relative of a wild carrot, as someone commented on her puzzle). It's what they fed to Socrates to kill him.

The evergreen hemlock tree is beautiful and endangered. I've been in North Carolina and seem some damaged hemlocks and it's horrible. I hope they will survive down there.


No, of course not - it's just a particularly funny result you can get from algorithmic advertising.


Yikes!! They sell this stuff??


Fine holiday gifts!

Why this advertisement?