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No need but ... :-)

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  1. steph60:29
  2. Robbos0:30
  3. Helis0:32
  4. ullauhrskov0:32
  5. Ianto0:33
  6. rajinder0:35
  7. chuckles19530:35
  8. Junko0:35
  9. WimS0:35
  10. wshealy0:36


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Thanks so much for the laugh. Silent and relaxing for the moment :-)))))))

If it is so comfortable as it looks, I would not light a candle.
And what is mother-in-law's tongue doing there? Does she not need it herself? ;)


A problem for more Sylvia :-))))


Looks very cuddly but getting out of there might be a least for me! :)))))))))))


Thanks Ianto :-))))

You have to find out Jaklien. Perhaps rolling out :-))))

That is true Juba. We will always come down :-)))))


In is fairly easy.
Out is more like birth.


The first thing I think of (and apparently many with me!) when I see that picture: how do you get in and out of there?

People do need to laugh. Now more than ever.


Thank you so much Janet. I guess some of us would have - Hugs :-)))))

:-)))) Juba thanks for the laughs

Welcome @onefootonepeel and thanks so much. I could be for a Great Dane dog :-))))

It sure would Ianto, and life has to be funny in between :-)))

Thanks PW :-)))))


Yes I would have trouble getting out again too! Thanks and hugs Sissel. ♥♥


Yes. It’s easy to trip over us.


Welcome to Jigidi, onefootonepeel. It is one large world-wide family with a few nuts and a multitude of punsters. Watch out for them.


Bean bag chair from the Big and Tall store.

maybe heifer dog

Just saying. But it would be funny.


You can lend it PW - Cowdog :-)))))))


My company coming to stay for a week would LOVE this (English Bulldog - or is it Cowdog since she is a female?)


Thanks Ianto for the laugh. I guess you are right :-))))

It does look warm, but I would never be able to get out of it with out help.


Thank you Janchris - I think you are right :-)))


That looks so good - all the neighbourhood cats can share it. Plenty of room for all. :-))

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