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51 Ford

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Taken at Yuma AZ auto show 1/18/2020
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  1. dogs_n_me0:49
  2. woody570:58
  3. Dat51:00
  4. Qoquaq1:00
  5. PLG19581:00
  6. blurple531:05
  7. bananapatchbob1:05
  8. opallia1:07
  9. hiu13891:07
  10. Ianto1:08


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You going to Yuma? Pretty hot there in the summer.
Pretty hot in Phoenix too???
I like Tucson, but I like to have the warm days.... I can easily take an afternoon nap... ha ha.


Well, well, well. You have made a bit decision. The south seems to be where you belong at this time-you do love the weather .... and they have car shows all year long! Congratulations on "selling out" and do wish you the best in finding just the place you're looking for in the southwest!


Good to see you back and hope things keep improving.... Not heading back at all, have sold out in Colorado and am staying somewhere in the south, not sure where but somewhere south....


Have been busy with family and a good friend...not the greatest start to the year, but things are improving. Good to be back when I can.
You headed north soon?


Its a beauty of a car and as you say eye catching.... pleased to hear from you as its been a while, hope things are good for you.....


Against that yellow Coke "truck" and that blue sky....WOW!!!! Eye catching for sure!


Thanks Pat, I knew you would like this one, type and color.... Dennis


Thanks PLG, it is a wild one.. Kind of funny because the owners were dressed in the same color and sitting in same colored chairs..


1951 Ford Victoria,,,, and yes, wow. what an eye popping color. Bright Yellow Green. Like to protect from getting run over in the road, safety color for crossing guards.
Thanks Dennis, I have never seen a '51 Vic like that.... guess I'll have to get over to Yuma.


Woah!!! That color is WILD! I needed my sunglasses to solve the puzzle! :) :) :)

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