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Slovak farmers

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The artwork in Today's Daily Jigsaw Puzzle is titled "Slovak farmers" (1902), and the artist is Austro-Hungarian painter, etcher and lithographer Emil Orlik (Czech (1870-1932) ♥

You can find more information on Emil Orlik here ♥
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An enjoyable puzzle, thank you

Four beautifully dressed ladies. Amazing. Thanks.

`The head coverings and nice dresses suggest that it is Sunday and the
ladies are gathering after church.


There is more to his story, but was quite long. The following is a snippet of the history.

In December 1923 Orlik made his last voyage out of Europe. He received a commission to paint the portrait of a sitter in Cincinnati. His passage and a two month’s stay in the USA were provided. While in America he had an exhibition in New York. The City fascinated him, and he wrote to Gerhart Hauptmann (1868-1946): “After overcoming the first confusion it is a completely different world. The city is amazing. The dollar rules here!”. He said he found it easier to get used to China than to New York.

After his return to Europe, he continued to work intensely, and his fame increased. He became one of the best-known artists of the day. He continued travelling in Europe – to Spain, Italy, England and France. Portrait commissions and graphic work kept him busy till the time of his death from a heart attack in Berlin on 28-09-1932, nine days after his great friend Max Slevogt.

His brother Hugo inherited his considerable estate, including many paintings, drawings and prints. During his many visits to Paris, he had acquired a fine collection of works by his friend Henri Matisse and by many other prominent artists, including Cezanne. Hugo Orlik and his family perished during the war at the hands of the Nazis. The only survivor of the family was an aunt who, after the war, regained some of what was left of Emil’s effects.

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Just a lovely chat or otherwise, or chattiy women. 🥰 12-7-23

If these women are "farmers," how do they keep those lovely skirts so crisp and clean? Maybe the farmers' wives are considered farmers, too. I'm sure they are vital to the success of any farm, wherever it may be.


Just a lovely chat or four chatty women? Thank you. 12-7-23


Lovely, thank you!! :-)


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