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Home Education - With Dr.Adonis C.Bugosi

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  1. Surreal_Heidi0:38
  2. Wurm0:38
  3. lelabugosi0:39
  4. DrAdonisCBugosi0:41
  5. rockbit0:44
  6. downsman0:44
  7. Ianto0:45
  8. tron0:45
  9. kalenz0:46
  10. illanna0:48


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I'll take the two powk pies, but WITHOUT the tapeworm, please! I definitely need to lose weight, but without this type of "help", thank you! :-b


That looks like a meat hook, not a tapeworm retrieval hook.

In Central America, you can buy a capsule containing a tapeworm scolex. People swallow them to get tapeworms so they can lose weight. When I had a tapeworm, my doctor accused me of swallowing one of those capsules.


Ah, you saw the light ... everything in moderation ... be careful with that retrieval hook when trying to re-measure your worm !


Such weasoning is iwwefutably logical......I shall ingest the powk pies.........


... but his tapeworm shouldn't need to be !


Dr.Adonis C. is a vegetawian.....I mean, a vegetarian..........


If your tapeworm is 89 cm long and only weighs 44 gram it definitely needs the two pork pies !

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