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  1. Nette8:17
  2. kittygirl5210:16
  3. wot4andwhy10:47
  4. CSABA10:51
  5. thurgoona11:13
  6. melrin11:22
  7. togocat11:30
  8. snowhite3311:38
  9. ldalton12:08
  10. piba12:49


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Just read your comment Tephanes, and yes I did live in Sweden for 11 years. The picture is of a small barn in the back yard of the house. The yellow house in another of my puzzles is where we lived. The house belonged to my husbands family for about 150 years. And to the University of Uppsala for about 150 years before that. The farm that once was was established in the middle ages. And that barn is probably the oldest building in the town, which has now grown up around the house. We left there almost 2 years ago and returned to the USA to be near my family as we grow older. We are glad to be 'home', but miss our 'home'.

Thank you for all your beautiful puzzles! I am very flattered that you liked one of mine.


Hi, tinker. I am first here today. I read your message, which made me very happy. Too great a compliment. And I wanted to know about you and visited. Do you live in Sweden? I love nature in your posting and you yellow and white house. Those are colors of Sweden, I think. I love countries in north Europe and am very interested in anything there. I hope you will post more. I imagine your house is especially nice surrounded by red or yellow leaves in autumn. Looking forward to your photo. Thank you.


It looks so cozy inside.


Thanks, it's my back yard



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