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Lurking: part 1

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Yikes! Something lurks in the bed ... call Ghostbusters!
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  1. racoonstar2:48
  2. beyondwords3:04
  3. zhaba473:58
  4. jigididt4:43
  5. Greenlaw5:33
  6. dfwkrw6:02
  7. Sujagig8:08
  8. egdoht17:37


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You must be right, zhaba. Truthfully, I neither desire nor intend to try proving you wrong. ;-D


But there is something so wnoderful about having a kitty knead biscuits on one's belly at 3 a.m.


Thanks, tom! (Your avatar always makes me think I should start supper. And it always should be spaghetti.)


Well, beyondwords, I can't answer your question because the feline roommates spend their night on the other side of the door. ;-D


Thanks for the reassurance, TigerCat. This is the first time Oliver has done a lump; you suggest that it won't be the last.


just wonderful idea for a puzz..thanks ontheroad...tom

What's it like when a human is already under the covers and is joined by a feline member of the family?


You have a very serious case of 'lumpy bedsheet'. It strikes without warning but luckily, it usually disappears quite quickly with no lingering aftereffects. ❤️⁀‿⁀❤️

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