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1. The Hunger Games series was written by which author?
A. Suzanne Collins
B. J. K. Rowling
C. Stephen King

2. What does 29 D in F in a L Y mean?

Answers in completion message
Rare Cat Cameo, laser carved agate.
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  1. Ianto0:37
  2. DaisyBella10:38
  3. Mncold0:38
  4. vt11630:40
  5. carolsmc0:41
  6. Science120:41
  7. Jaz93660:42
  8. BJAC0:43
  9. jjj540:43
  10. jbprols0:44


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Thank you! ☺


Here's one source:

But I'd check the used book sites too, such as:


It'll be worth it! ☺


I'm still trying to get Bill Jordan's's not available on my Kindle, so I have to find a hard bound copy of it.


But you know, there's a real advantage to that. These days I often reread novels that I read eight or ten years ago and they're brand new to me. Seriously. I'm enjoying Janet Evanovich again right now, book after book. They were such enjoyable fluff the first time that nothing stayed with me, and now they're just as much fun again. ☺ When my girls were small I always helped them look for the silver lining in situations. They absorbed it (they often told it back to me in my own situations) and this is a good example of it.


Yes, I know exactly what you mean, Pat. Some of them are so strange, that even though I posted them a few days ago, I can look at just the riddle and forget what it means! ☺


Q2's answer unfurled itself to me word by word as I read it. I think that's the thing that makes these peculiar riddles unique: they either come to me right off the bat or they stump me! ☺


Got the 2nd. Cute kitty cat.


Way to go, Maggie! I knew you could do it! I have a cameo from my mom too. Sounds like the same colors, too!


Yes, got them both! Finally! I have an old Cameo of my mothers no idea what it is or where it a came from, has an orange background, white head I think it is a woman. I never saw her wear it, so it could have been her mothers.


Hey, I think I might have #2.


I knew you would love this Carol, and you got 'em!


Got 'em both. And love the kitty cameo. 8^)


Way to go, Vonni! Thank you for playing! ☺🌟


Got them both today! I too got #1 by who didn't write them and I agree, it's a beautiful cameo.


Oh, I know, it's a beautiful cameo. Have a happy day, my friend!

Love the kitty.

Got #1 by knowing who didn't write them. Bust on #2. Thanks


@jbprols (─‿‿─) Thank you, thank you, very much.


LOL! You are so much fun! Thanks for the chuckle...☺🌟


Just #1. I should wait until later in the day to work these. Oh, wait.. It won't make any difference!!


Way to go, my friends! 🌟🌟🌟


A guess & A yes
They all count😁


I never watched them, so didn't guess right. Got the second one tho.
I have a small cat cameo necklace -- it's a white cat on blue background. This one is beautiful.


Educated guess on #1
Easy on #2

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