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Willow - I love my new home ♥

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  2. babray0:56
  3. JUNKMAN1:09
  4. thebetterhalf1:11
  5. racoon1:13
  6. Impie1:14
  7. diannez1:16
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She is precious Helen and starting to get very cheeky. I can't wait for her to get a bit bigger then she can play with Milly x


Such a precious little thing! You're, all, very fortunate to have each other! xxoo


Thank you florrie ♥ I know exactly what you mean as I haven't had much time either. Christmas is a busy family time lasting over about 4/5 days and I am so tired but it has been the most perfect Christmas as I think Milly is happy again ♥♥

I think she is a clever little girl Nicky and also think she knows her new mum will do anything for her ♥


Aww - just look at that little pinky nose and that adorable expression! Looks like she knows she's fallen on all four paws here with you, Soo!


I am very proud of Milly Impie, she has been so good and I would like to think that Molly is watching over them ♥♥

Thank you jyl, I hope that in a few weeks I will have a friendly kitten who enjoys living with us :))

I am too Marilyn and I can't wait to see them play together, I think Milly has been missing having another furry friend ♥

It didn't take her long Carrie and she has everything she needs but she still has a little way to go yet ♥

I think she is going to be cheeky Pammi, she has a really cute look about her that says she will get away with anything, just like Milly ♥

Thank you helenpuz, my pleasure :)

You may be right Rebecca. I honestly didn't think Milly would take to her so quickly considering she is such a bully to other cats in our neighbourhood ☺♥☺

The training is going ok at the moment Kayell, only one little mishap in the bathroom. I bought her kitten food, wet and dry, Milly loves the kitten biscuits and Willow loves Milly's grown up biscuits ☺☺☺

LOL I don't think I could cope with two causing mischief tisketsmum! No need to be jealous as I will continue to put photos on of her so you can share her with me ♥♥


Willow looks very relaxed in her new home, and ready for mischief with Milly.
So glad Milly has taken to her but shows how confident she is in your continuing love.
I'm so jealous :-))


Willow is one gorgeous girl, soo... She's found her paws very quickly and looks to me as if she might be a Little Madam in training....


Sounds like it was meant to be. :)


A beautiful kitty, a lovely picture too! Thanks for sharing.


Beautiful Little Willow, aren't you a wonderful girl to settle in so well and so quickly. Yep, I can see you are going to be a cheeky kid and probably give Milly heaps. It is lovely to know that Milly once more has a sister to keep her company. Good stuff all around soo. ♥♥♥


Willow knows how lucky she is!


I am so happy Willow and Milly are becoming friends. It will be fun to watch them play together.


Beautiful outcome! You sure are doing something (everything) right! ♥☺♥


That's great soo. Milly is a sweetheart to accept her in such a short time. You have 2 wonderful girls again and I'm sure Molly watches over them from her place somewhere over the rainbow bridge♥♥♥♥


Hi Impie, I can't believe the difference in her, I really thought she would be hard work but her confidence gets better each day. She loves Milly and Milly really seems to be enjoying having her in the house. I have just been playing with her and Milly joined in which was lovely and there was a lot of purring from them both. I gave her a cuddle and she thanks you ☺♥☺


I bet you do sweet little Willow...and it shows ♡♥♡♥

Hi soo, what a difference a few days make....she looks very at ease. Would you give her a cuddle from me? ♥


Hi Sue, we have only had her 5 days and I can't believe the difference in her, she is eating well, loves playing with Milly's mousies and has stopped hiding.


That's good to hear that you've settled in. You sure are a beauty.

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