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Autumn Equinox - I tried to catch the sun so that winter would not come

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That is an amazing image, brilliant thanks.


You would like my neighborhood in snow. Except for Presidents’ Day weekend. That was a tourist invasion nightmare due to a snowstorm, closed road, and flatlanders thinking they could still get over the hill to ski. Gridlock in my town. :-0


thanks, git, and Juba :)

Yikes, not sure which is worse - I grew up in Vancouver and winter's endless cold rain and dark skies are NOT missed!! I must say I need reminding that my sadness at the coming of fall, and my dread of the deep depressing darkness to come, is probably because of living there.

I don't live there anymore so it's good you reminded me of that with your comment - I quite like bright cold sharp snow-covered days.


Love the photo Mazy. TFS :-)


It's true. Gilles Vigneault got it right...mon pays c'est l'hiver. Although I found the rainy winters a bit ...errrr WET when I lived in Vancouver. Now I've converted to Snowbird....sigh.
We can always catch sunny dispositions...n'est pas? Sunny smiles your way.


hmm, maybe I should instead concentrate on sending you one of our harder winters, it will still be balmier than un hiver normale en Montreal!! so I guess I should count my blessings!

I'm so glad you like the puzzle.


May winter be kinder for your efforts, Mazy.
A beautiful photo, symbol & puzzle. Merci de Montreal.

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