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všeříkající hádanka... děkuji tam nahoru Bile... a věřím, že se máš krásně...




Hope things are going well. Bill. Regards, julir


So well put J, what now I realize has been the draw posed by Bill's puzzle contributions :-))


Ooo, that sounds comfy. Thanks!


@Bill_I_Am , your puzzles have always sent many of us jigidis to further
explorations: whether into an astounding cosmos or
sunny plazas and shady lanes here in places we would never think
to go!
So take it easy for while and know that we are keeping a seat warm for you! j


I’m so looking forward to enjoying one of your puzzles again, Bill, but more than anything to have you with us, enjoying you again, a greatest friend, please be well...🙏


I am thinking I am going to go make the time to go through the back catalogues of those I enjoy such as Highlander_40 and Bill_I_Am whose I am in the stage of BM.


@Bill_I_Am Now you know what your puzzles mean to so many jigidi puzzlers !! @Pepperpot Says it so well. I am looking forward to the weekend. Take care , and be well !! I really need a trip to SPACE or a View from above of some special place on this Earth that I probably will not be able to travel to. !!


@WPGP, ditto.


We love your puzzles, but it is you who make this such a great place to visit. We appreciate you even more than we appreciate your puzzles.


Eagerly awaiting to whatever and whenever you post and I heartedly agree withy fellow puzzlers here. You are an essential eagerly anticipated part of this community!
Take care.


Thanks for your kind thoughts, Wendy. Nancy, Lisa, I had no idea you all enjoyed my puzzles so much or that they had such power. And you too, bbeeton.

I am hoping to post one of each of the four types I used to post on the weekend. Stay tuned.

Bill, I had no idea! But I'm sure you're in good hands. Be at peace, knowing you've made many puzzlers very happy, and as others have observed, much more aware of the universe in which they live.

Bill, I hope you take comfort in knowing that your many fond Jigidi friends hold you in such high esteem. We are indebted to you for your unique puzzles . Solving them was just the starting point. They were meaningful, thought provoking and provided learning experiences, often enhancing our understanding of geographic features of the world and of the universe. You have encouraged us to share our thoughts, ideas , and even experiences, which further expanded the meaningfulness of your puzzles. Now that we know of your current circumstances, I am sure that we all sincerely wish you freedom from pain. Lisa

Bill, I'm trying to fill in the blanks and understand the tough situation you're in. Regardless, many kudos to you for all the puzzles that have brought so much pleasure to all of us who follow you on jigidi. Thanks!! Nancy


Well, that is sobering. I think we had no clue. Be pain-free, my friend, and talk to us here when you are up to it. Hugs from me in Massachusetts.


Just to make it clear, folks, the purpose of hospice is to alleviate pain, not to get well. I only hope to be in less pain from here until the end.

@ElvisBanana remind me again where you are in Oregon? I have a friend there who I would like to look you up. And now my nephew lives in Tacoma and goes traveling around the northwest often and I would also like him to look you up. Hit me up in a private puzzle if you'd like to.



Gosh, I don't know, Bill! I think dhi has it all wrong. Why would we want you to take it easy when you COULD be making great puzzles the way you used to! Your back be d@mned! Get to your computer and start making those great puzzles!!!

In truth, we all have your back on this one (pun intended? Hmmm...) Just take all the time you need, and if you never get back to your old pace, so be it. To quote Heraclitus, "The only constant in life is change". You made a lot of puzzles and nobody can say that you haven't contributed to Jigidi!!! Of course, I would LOVE it if you ultimately DO get back to making 3-4 puzzles a day, but if not, that's cool. Hopefully, you'll at least be able to solve some every now and then.

Your main mission is just to get well. So get to it, my friend!!!


I miss you ,Bill...and trying to beat you on the LB. (which I never could)
Take care... Hugs..


It’s so wonderful to see you Bill! I agree with Donna @dhi what she said is what I also would say with love and hugs too, and all those hearts!


We literally have your back Bill - no missed landings here ! ✿❛‿❛


Just take care of yourself! Know that we miss you and hope you will be well soon.


Take it easy Bill, your jigidi fam is with you!


Whatever works for you is best. None of us want you to tax yourself so only do what works even if it is only an icon from time to time. You are a very valued member of our community. Lots of love and hugs to you. Be safe and take care.


Likewise, Donna. I can't post at the frequency I used to. I am trying to figure out if and when I can post at all. Or if I would rather just solve one or two here and there.


😊 good to see you here, Bill.


:-))))) !


Thanks, all, for your kind thoughts.

Welcome back! *Everyone* has missed you. Think beautiful thoughts, and take care of yourself.


Hey, Bill! How wonderful to see you again. I hope that you will be feeling up to doing more puzzling things soon!


Get well soon and have a speedy recovery :)


Bill, you should be feeling a LOT of good thoughts from all your jigidi friends and followers. No blanket flipping until you and your back are all better. Miss you !!

Hooray! So glad you're back with us. Hope all is going well for you

So glad to hear from you! Take good care of yourself, we all want the best for you.


Appreciate the effort to alleviate our fear :-))


So good to see you back, Bill, where you belong...with us!!

Missed you! Great to see you back


It Is really good to hear you again Bill.
I was amiss missing you :-))

Hi Bill...glad you resurfaced here! Had me worried.


Thinking 'bout ya...
~ =^..^= ~❤️~


There's not much more to be said. I'm just adding my voice to the choir! Keep getting better, Bill!!!

So true.

Thanks, Andy...This is a Perfect Puzzle for Bill right now. See, Bill, there are always Good Friends to help you, but you have to do the healing part. ((gentle hugs))

Oh Happy Day - We hope you are back to stay !!!




Yes we've got you in our hopes and prayers Bill, continue the physical therapy, I know it helps, I'm proof. And GREAT TO SEE YOU PUZZLING!!


Glad you are back and hope all is going well


Nice one; take care of that back!


Absolutely, my friend!


Get well PRONTO!!! (That's an ORDER!)


😊 🍀 ❤️




:-) Yup


It is soooo good to see you again Bill_I_Am. You were greatly missed.


Good to see back again Bill, hope all is healing well. eddie @Bill_I_Am


Friends -- GOOD friends -- won't "pull the rug out from under you" at the last moment...


And that's what friends are for...

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