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The Pileated Woodpeckers return

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A little over a month ago I posted some pictures of a male Pileated Woodpecker which had visited close enough, and for long enough, for me to get some pictures. I haven't seen them since (although I've heard them once or twice) - until this morning.

One landed in my pines close enough for a shot, but I didn't have my camera, and typically they'll fly off before I can get a shot, so I didn't try to get it. Sure enough, it flew off shortly toward the back of the lot. But then, a couple of minutes later, it came back, seemingly harassed by a Blue Jay, which was following it. The Blue Jay flew off, and the Pileated then flew to the closest tree to me in the yard - offering the best picture yet of them, but no camera. :-(

Then a second one appeared farther back, and the first actually flew toward me, landed on the suet feeder, and commenced to munch! However, when I moved slightly, it flew.

I decided, "Enough of this!" and went to get my camera. And sure enough, the more distant one was still there, which allowed me to get this long-range shot. It's a female (black mustache, while the male's mustache is red).

But the male's familiarity with the suet feeder suggests they've been there more often than I realized, and I may have more opportunities.
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Well. That's about what I expected! Chaos!!!! Controlled (?) chaos! Your task was daunting to begin with just cleaning out the old house and buildings and moving things to the new place. Nice that your siblings were able to help you with the limbs- it must look much better having things cleaned out a bit.

Thanks for taking the time to get back to me. I was pretty sure you were up to your armpits in whatever projects you have going on.
Keep in touch now and then if you can. You are missed!


Haven't finished the house yet. Haven't finished clearing out the last of the stuff from the farm. A little financial progress - the water system is now paid for, and I can put the money toward heating oil this winter. Still considering getting a job, since I haven't the funds to make the improvements I want, and only one month emergency funds. I'm also stuck - with the wood shop garage and project sheds full, I have to install wood racks and place all the furniture without insulating them, and will have to pull it all apart again when I get the funds to do that. Also, insulating the basement, at least in one section, would allow me to reinstall the 12' of floor-to-ceiling shelving which will start converting the basement from piles of gear to functional space, so I'm checking out whether I can afford it. And the car and truck both need work to get ready for winter.

My brothers came up a couple of weekends ago and, with my sister, did some yoeman work helping trim limbs, then clear the downed trees on my property, then converting the large brush pile and cutoffs into piles of wood chips, so the remaining landscaping I'd planned seems more doable.

The cold snap caught me by surprise. I couldn't afford to have storm windows made, so I need to put up outside plastic on most of the windows, and the tape requires the temperature to be over 50° - which it barely achieves most days. The house used minimal fuel last year, but I want it to be even less, given current prices and the prospect of a colder winter. And I have to get the furniture out of the near garage and into the house before the snow flies, so I can put the car in - so sand walls and paint, install carpet, finish outlet rewiring....

Yada, yada, yada. :-)

pumpkinhead is life? Have been missing your posts and comments. Hope all is well.


I bought new hummingbird feeders when I moved to the house last year, and I made sure to get the kind orioles could use too. I didn't know about woodpeckers drinking from them, but I'll be happy to put in more nectar twice a week to feed them too if they ever show up.


For the first time ever, I saw a Downy Woodpecker exploring my hummingbird feeder (on the other side of a double shepherd's crook pole). I don't know if (s)he will return; my feeders are designed to be of use only to hummingbirds (although a red squirrel has discovered he can pop the rubber "flowers" out and get at the nectar - which is why it's now on the pole with the squirrel guard).


I love your woodpeckers, even if they don't let me get on the board. Hope you get a lot more opportunities to photograph them. A friend texts me photos of woodpeckers drinking from her hummingbird feeder. I have the same kind of feeder, but have only glimpsed a woodpecker anywhere in my new neighborhood twice in the year I've been here, so it's unlikely that I will look up to see one on my feeder. It sure would be nice, though!


Great shot. And probably more to come!


An adult and a youngster came by this morning - both on the nearest trees - but I didn't have my camera, and they were close enough that I couldn't get up to go get it.


You have fine neighbors, Don!! Super photo!


This is a delight, don!


Lovely shot, Don. Wow. Sounds like there will be more photo ops in the near future. Time to start carrying a camera with you? Thanks.


Great series of woodpecker shots, Don!

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