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Red Admiral Butterfly or Atalanta in my garden

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It landed on the hanging pot of Calluna and sat there for quite some time. I could get really close with my camera and I got the feeling I was watched like I watched him/her ☺☺
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  1. liertje19781:06
  2. babray1:37
  3. calluna1:38
  4. hadzi1:38
  5. Dilubreuer1:42
  6. Impie1:45
  8. Ginni21:53
  9. EllaMB1:56
  10. Pekaji1:56


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LOL! Would he title it "Human Female with Camera"? :-)


Thank you, Ginni, I suspect him to have a hidden camera in his antennae and was taking photos of me too! LOL
Perhaps there's also a kind of Jigidi in "Insect Paradise"...:-))


Great shot! It was nice of this guy to pose for you. I've had the occasional Lorquin's Admiral pose for me recently, which always makes my day! :-)


LOL Pammi, I do try that most of the times...☺♥☺♥☺


Impie, as soon as I read about your not needing to water your garden I started singing the following (in the world's worst voice).

♫Always look on the bright side of life...♫ .☺♥☺♥☺


Thank you, janetkleya, I've never actually "caught" a butterfly other than on camera :-))

Thanks, Ella, yes, outside it's been 26°C. today and it's still warm in the house, but already so much better than it was! I hope you can keep it cool in your home....! :)

Thank you, GG. It was slowly flapping it's wings every now and then, but those photos are not sharp, this was the best shot I could get! :)

I'll just keep calling you Nancy, Nancy....:-))

Thank you, Marilyn...Birthday girl♥♥ (Aug.15th) ...I often seem to catch them to sit still for some time and get really close, perhaps they are intruiged by me daring to come this close? :-))

Wow, Anne, thank you so much for the link, what beautiful Butterflies and so huge!!! I've copied the link and will forward it to some friends. Thanks !

Thank you, Pammi.
Yes, you and me both, I really don't like the heat....Today we had 26°C. just like you do, it's still warm, but so much better than the 36°C we had at one point this week and the humidity was literally taking your breath away! Just a moment ago we had thunder and lightning and it started to rain, but it seems to be over already. At least it saves hand watering the garden! ☺♥☺♥☺


Very lovely, Impie and such an array of striking colours.

I am glad your weather is getting to be more comfortable for you. It is a glorious day here today, 26°C at this moment (12.45 pm Saturday) and only 17 more days to the first day of Spring. Yippee!! I can't wait. ☺♥☺♥☺


Impie, I found this site that's very interesting. Hope you can access it:


Very good photo, congratulations. I have tried to photograph some butterflies but they flit away never holding still.


LOL idea, but it might get confusing. :-DD I chose calluna because it is my favorite type of heather.


Oh my, the colors in this creature are amazing, Impie! This is a great photo.


Glad to hear your weather is getting cooler. I like you kind of weather, too! But that's not the case here! It's expected to be 44C (112F) here today and we are expected to have triple digits until next Saturday!! We do have lots of clouds so the humidity is higher than normal. I don't expect it to cool off during the night either. Last night at 10:30 it was 3lC, so I didn't have the doors open as usual to let in cool air.

Priceless photo of a lovely creature I used to catch with a butterfly net and keep in a butterfly tent to watch her fly from the different plant in bloom in there. After an hour or less I would release all my captives to persue their lives again! Bless you all,


Yeah, Anne, I think those Red Admirals have beautiful patterns on their wings both under and upper side!


He's a handsome fella!


They are very pretty butterflies, Iris, thank you for your compliment to my picture! Grins back :-))


I saw one on my hummingbird feeder a few days ago. This picture is amazing. grins!☺


LOL Faye, but that's not for me to say, we'll have to ask Nancy what she thinks of that! :-)))


I had to google "calluna".

P.S. Does this mean we now call "calluna" Heather instead of Nancy? ;)))


Perhaps you're right, Ella. S(he) was very interested it seems but I'm happy to say that temperatures are dropping and we're having 23°C. outside right now, Yaay.......although in my computer room it's still 27°C! I have my window open and the fan is still blowing, but at least I'm not feeling so 'sticky' anymore!☺☺ If I should had a saying in it, weather will stay like THIS for a while! :-)


I guess she was "people watching", being curious as to what you were doing out on such a warm day. :-)

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