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Time is tickin away

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“Time is tickin away”
Oh my, what can I say?
Thought I’d time to work and play
But, watch’s hands, “tick” NOT today.
For you have things piled up, at bay
You need to handle, right away!
Then, after done, we’ll “tock”, what may
Be time I’ll still have, for YOU, okay?
By Gloria ("AMGLORY")
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  1. moppie2:27
  2. inny3:18
  3. papahen3:18
  4. coffeeandcake3:38
  5. Piskulka3:43
  6. Malibugirl633:44
  7. Braga3:58
  8. needleworks4:03
  9. mippin4:05
  10. jwait4:07


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time sure waits for no one


Thank you for your beautiful comment and so glad you enjoyed!


Yep, very pleased with the outcome. I'm sure Gloria likes the outcome as well.


This one got a lot of solves Ken. : )




pensierosa molto bella la poesia grazie


Glad you enjoyed and are following us. With Gloria's help, these puzzles have become special.


Thank you so much to both of you, always a great pleasure to puzzle and read .


You're welcome BB,\. We enjoy doing this for all.

You're Very Welcome, Nanab! So glad you were amused!


Cutest Mad Hatter I've ever seen, fun poem too! Thank you Ken and thank you amglory.


@Bubble @Haze1952 @MiniAlma @CJ45 @nanab @gardenimp @pixiedi @Magaella @amglory
Another one complete and thanks to the great matching poem by "AMGLORY". Lucky to have found her and work on these. She has a gift for sure.

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