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(ಠಿᴗಠಿ)⨇ View from the chateau tower ⨇(ಠಿᴗಠಿ)

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Hluboká Chateau in the south of the Czech Republic is a pearl in the landscape of ponds. The view from the castle tower gives an idea of the appearance of this picturesque landscape
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Suzy, you wrote great, thank you. I always hesitate and in the end curiosity wins. I only didn't do it once, it was at St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican. My daughter and I arrived at Vatican Square in the morning, hesitating whether to go to the dome first. There were almost no people, we decided to go on a tour of the Basilica first. After a few hours of inspecting the interior and the jewelry room, we decided to go up the stairs to the dome, but there was a huge queue and it was not possible, I still regret it. ♥:))


Some will go to extreme heights to get a photo! Fabulous perspecitive, Deanna! Well worth the stair climbing you did! Thank you, from those of us who remained at the bottom! :)))))


Iri, you know me. When it is possible to see something from above, it always attracts me. Thank you for your kind wishes ♥:))


I see that you lacked heights ☺ The view from the tower is always different from the ground. Good night.


Jill, thank you, I've tried to catch a view of the landscape on different sides to preserve it as a memory, I'm so glad you like it. I have many panoramic photos with views of the landscape, I do it often. Unfortunately, it is a very wide format, which is not suitable for publication on this site ♥:))


How wonderful to see these different views available from the tower. Each shows the loveliness of the area. Thank you Deanna 😊❤️

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