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Flowers that even Darwin can't explain

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An Orchid That Looks Like A
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  1. Kryger4:58
  2. Howy6:06
  3. noahsark6:09
  4. Lelolalee7:52
  5. Dr_Awkward8:59
  6. RedDragonLady9:37
  7. Bubble9:50
  8. kareng10:43
  9. sofun11:47
  10. theresamoorman12:56


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Thanks Gordon, good to hear from a (near) neighbour. Having lived in Toronto for 19 years, we have no wish to see snow, unless its in its liquid state (which you don't have to shovel) ! catch you later.


Glad you were o.k.


We had about one quarter of an inch of snow, Gordon, and all washed away by the next morning. Undoubtedly some other areas on the Island got more, but we're mid-Island and were lucky.
We used to live in Saanich, Cedar Hill and McKenzie (Gordon Heights). Moved up here about 5 half years ago and love it. Never miss Victoria, and only go down there for medical tests !! cheers :-00


Thanks for the comment Bubble. I hope you're not submerged in snow as I see the weatherman, Mark Madriga says the Island got tons of it. I used to live on the Island (Victoria) but moved over the water to Vancouver ()Surrey) as it seemed I was always in a long line for the ferry. Plus of course all my children and their families were over here.


What an amazing flower, Gordon, presumably meant to attract bees, but guess Mother Nature didn't know she was creating a beautiful ballerina, tfp this wonderful series. :-)))


Thanks for the comment meggie, I'm glad you enjoyed it.


OK. Now a ballerina - again - gobsmacked.

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