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Homes Change Personalities with Owners #2

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House just listed for sale. Interesting changes.
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  1. Carol661:08
  2. dartagnan1:09
  3. yarnover1:23
  4. Impie1:32
  5. zhaba471:33
  6. Kevin11:34
  7. HessenYeti1:35
  8. mapletree1:36
  9. yuilld1:38
  10. 10saws1:38


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Sheesh! Sure doesn't look as well-loved as when you were there!
Dusty : )



Carol, you are a very wise woman indeed.


Sally, as it all should be. Life is much to short to wear yourself out with grudges etc.

Carol. Worked your way up all over again. Now you are happy.
What a nice story that you parted dear friends.


Oh yes, Sally, on to a little apartment, on to a little house, on to a bit larger house and now this house........not small nor huge........just comfy! Now I am too old to want to move or have the energy to tackle it! LOL BTW, when the ex-husband passed we parted dear friends.

Hi Carol. I had no idea. Was there a house in between this one and the one you own now? I seem to recall a picture on your page. Yes, I have looked back at something traumatic and wondered why I was upset at the time. I too, have been through a divorce and am much happier and content now.


Hi Sally, we divorced. Don't be sorry, many years have passed (as did he). Do you ever look back at something traumatic and wonder why you were so upset at the time? I am such a happy camper and content in my world these days!!

Carol, Thank you for the address. I did check it out and it is nice inside. Why did you move again??


Sally, I learned from a neighbor that it suffered bad things recently. The current owner is not responsible for the bad things. Maybe the new owner will give it love and attention (very sturdily and quality built home originally). If you are so inclined check the Oak Harbor listings for a inside visit! :) Barque Road

Tisketsmum, thank you for the compliment. I admit I always leave a little piece of my heart in each home I've owned.

Hard to believe it is the same house. The Pyracantha balanced out the window placement and the house was warm and inviting. Now it is yet another grey soulless house.


I think they've made it look a bit soulless, much more character when it was yours.

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