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Fort Ticonderoga

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Built in 1755 by the French as Fort Carillon. It was captured in 1759 by General Amherst. Ethan Allen and his Green Mountain Boys seized it in 1775 from the British.
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  3. leftytim14:46
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I didn't see any rabbits, balloons, snowmen, or kites. Hmmmm? :)

I agree, we have visited many of the historical places in NY, VT, VA, PA and NC. All our trips bring back good memories around the Thanksgiving dinner table.

I was about 8 years old and my parents would take us camping and we visited historical places whenever we could. I really thank my parents for doing this with us kids because it gave me a chance to learn some of our history starting at an early age!!! If you haven't been and you have kids it is a great place to visit.

Me too! We live close enough it makes a great day trip. Glad you enjoyed it.

I've been there !!!!!!

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