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Pat, I started by making rectangles, and then added some grids to some of them, and then thought I'd add a bit of excitement by adding the circles and filling them with grids too. I'm pleased with how the grids came out. :-)

Thanks so much, whatnauts and Gwen. :-)


Wonderful puzzle, Wendy. The design is so much fun.

Thanks for sharing your puzzle creations and I hope you have some relief with your hand.


Delightful! Thanks, Wendy :)))) (7:55)


Now that it finally got warmer out, the bugs are out in full force, too--we have screens, but nothing even close to being as pretty as yours! I have no idea how you cAME UP WITH A COMBO OF GRIDS AND CIRCULAR FRAMES AROUND GRIDS, BUT IT IS A FABULOUS DESIGN! :-))) Oooops--caps lock snuck in there! LOL! I think I'll leave it, too! :-)))


Edie, well, I still do them- and thank heavens I haven't gotten bored doing them. I'm taking so many things for my hand and nothing is working well. But the very weird and amazing thing is, is that although I had cataracts, one has completely disappeared and the other one is well on it's way to disappearing. I KNOW it has to be because of one of the supplements I'm taking, but I don't know which one because I'm taking so many things. After the first one disappeared I did an online search to see if others had had their cataracts disappear and, YES, it's happened to others too. And you're right- although I think taking a year off would help my hand, I'm not going to wait it out. I'll create until I can't anymore. I do take days off, but it doesn't help much.

chilisand, one of these days you have to tell me when you find a puzzle of mine that you didn't have fun solving. ;-)


Such fun, thank you.


Used to love those too. Crosswords, jumbles, acrostics, sudoko. I did them all. I guess that you've tried everything for your hand. Sounds like resting it is the only thing that helps. I would hate to have to take a year off so I know it's a tough thing to do especially if there are no guarantees that it would work.


Edie, that's another WONDERFUL story of yours! You really are a puzzle fanatic....and I love the fact that you are. I used to absolutely love solving puzzles too. Now, because of my stupid hand, the only puzzles I solve are word and math puzzles. Oh well.


That reminds me of a funny story. Years ago I was hospitalized waiting for my daughter to be born. Someone brought me a puzzle called Spilt Milk. All white with no borders, just a puddle shape. Well when my doctor came by and I asked for the upteenth time when I could go home he said that we would talk about it when I finished that puzzle. Well two days later he was back and the puzzle was done. I could tell he avoided looking at it. When I asked him again he said he was sure it would have taken me weeks to put together. I never did get out of there any earlier but he puzzle was fun.


Edie, I think this one is totally cool. Last night I worked on this one and Jenny's puzzle...and now my hand is killing me, but it was worth it. And you're absolutely right about what these look like. I'm glad you enjoyed it and also glad that you went out of your comfort zone. Once in awhile, it's worth doing that for a change of pace. I thought I would never solve an All-One-Color puzzle and wondered what kind of fool would do it. Well, I ended up solving a number of them and enjoyed it.


Usually out of my comfort zone with this many pieces but this one was totally manageable and lots of fun to solve. The round ones look like the piece that goes on the bottom of your kitchen faucet. Really enjoyed this one. Thank Wendy

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