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Warped Woof

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  1. monza0062:00
  2. June732:18
  3. carthill2:35
  4. LexieD2:44
  5. caanan2:46
  6. krkarnes2:53
  7. whatnauts3:03
  8. pdevredis3:03
  9. froggy143:07
  10. silverlady3:12


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Thanks, Francine--when I posted the original drawing, where the lines were all straight, people thought they looked like surfboards. Now I think the sport has changed to boomerang toss... :-)))


This one beckoned me and didn't disappoint. Great design and colours. Thanks Pat....:)


"Warp and woof are words from weaving: the warp, which are the threads that run lengthwise, and the woof, which are the threads that run across, to make up the fabric." So warp and woof (also known as weft), are weaving terms for the threads that are woven together to make cloth. I thought that this design looked like that--a loosely woven material. But then I scrunched the middle of the design together, made it bent and not straight--and a word for what I did is also "warp"--as in "the wood was warped from being underwater for so long". So it was a play on words! Sorry for the complicated explanation, Ank! I'm glad you liked it anyway!


I have no clue what Warped Woof means, but it looks nice.


Thanks, whatnauts and Kathy--coming up! (Nice time, whatnauts...chuckle).


Thanks for those links, Pat ? now I remember!


Tied you PD!! This is a terrific puzzle and I'm looking forward to the larger version as well.


Large and small versions of unwarped, which I posted before.

Thanks, Kathy and Lela--I think I even like this better than my original! I wish I'd seen your comment before I solved it, Lela--I love when it does that! Maybe I'll even resolve it...!


This even warped the 'time box' when solved!..........


Oh, Pat - this is just terrific!! You are the best!! And I see others have beat me to requesting it larger - if you can get to it, will you provide the link to the unwarped version? sounds famiiar but I can't be sure...
3:53 by the way, not so fast but enjoyed every second:-)


Thanks so much, Mandy, bella, and Ardy! I posted this unwarped (this is a LunaPic implosion of it) in 3 sizes some time ago, but I will post this larger, as well. I'm glad you all enjoyed this version!


Wonder what the finished product will look like. Maybe you have it ready to post? Fun puzzle, Pat. I like it. Thanks.


hello ,
If possible would you be so kind as to make this into a larger puzzle . Thank you!!!!


Pat, this is fabulous, I love it!!! Thanks.

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