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Red Barn -- New England Autumn...

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  1. Dclo2:41
  2. GoWings2:51
  3. Malta2:54
  4. hum13:18
  5. anitalk13:33
  6. alansnell3:38
  7. Robbos3:39
  8. marygraves3:44
  9. zsy3:47
  10. warbler3:47


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381 number of solves when I solved it.

We did so many things on the supported holiday and saw so many things I had a lots to say when I came back.

I will get more holiday photos developed at boots tomorrow. Exciting. I can't wait.

I like it when people dont create puzzles because there are already enough on jigidi.

I am a bit more familiar with new England now. Hampshire live in log cabins instead of brick houses. I learned a lot and saw a lot of new things on holiday.

We also went in a cable car as well as walking up the hill. There is a lot of red barns around Vermont. I got a postcard on them and a postcard on covered bridges for my collection. 362 is a very very popular puzzle choice.


Thank you hum1 for this beautiful puzzle. The whole image is a joy to behold! ♥


This is a great barn. I wonder how that little pane of glass got broken. Thanks.


What a magnificent set of puzzle you have provided for us today. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this. We appreciate it.


Thanks pasta, it looks good sitting in those trees, too.☺


Wow, plopped this one down right in the trees, it's a nice barn, and the colors are great. Enjoyed the puzzles this evening, dendro, thanks. :)

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