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Hi, Mari1025 -- You're the first person from Washington on my list! Thank you for letting me know. ~Sherry

Washington state, right in the middle.


It's so much fun to see where you all are from! Jigidi is a wonderful international community. And thank you for your kind words. I enjoy creating puzzles and am very pleased that so many people from all over the world enjoy them. Thank you for solving my puzzles. ~~ Sincerely, Sherry

Now in Cincinnati, Ohio. Originally from Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Ardmore, Oklahoma

Laurel MD

- Just love this puzzle - Littleton, Colorado


Thank you. Kim - Austin, TX


Thanks... I'm from Pomona, California


Thanks Sherry! ❤️❤️I'm a Swede living in Fort Mohave Arizona

Thanks from Lancaster, PA


Thanks from the Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania, USA

Thanks for a fun puzzle. Richmond, California

I enjoyed your puzzle here in Canal Winchester Ohio.

Atlanta, GA, USA

Enjoyed your puzzle! ~From North Carolina, USA

I liked your puzzle, thank you. I am Mexican and live in Chihuahua city (Chihuahua State)

Thank you for this puzzle and all you do. I enjoy them. Near Lewiston, Idaho, USA


La Mesa (San Diego) and Tucson Arizona

Newport News, Virginia


Hi Sherri,
I am a Swede living in Melbourne Australia.

Hi Sherri,
I like to do puzzles like this. They are more of a challenge. We moved to Lancaster, SC 2 years ago, from North Haven, CT.

I love to do the puzzles on Jigidi they r very relaxing . I live in Whitesboro,N.Y keep them coming.

Hi Sherri, Thank you for creating such nice puzzles; I really enjoy them. I live in Sheffield Lake, Ohio, right near Lake Erie.

I'm from Laytonsville, MD, a ex-urb of Washington, DC


Nice, I only do this sort of puzzle, so keep up the good work. From Sevenoaks, in the SouthEast of the United Kingdom.

I love these true puzzlers that challenge you to disallow misconceived ideas of where it should go. These would have delighted many of my students (I'm retired after 35 years teaching and 5 years as an aeronautical engineer. I had 3 students who were in the upper brackets of IQ and I was pushed to find challenging puzzles to keep them from being bored. I'm living in a miniscule cabin in the High Sierra Mountains, (ca.) we built it with the 47K I had in savings, living in the snow (winters), heat in summers - contractors wouldn't touch it on the mountain - said they would have had to bring in several cranes to erect the 30 foot x 12 x8 inch beams, so we figured out with trigonometry and a jeep winch ( korean war jeep) and several young pliable trees and Gods mercy, pulled up and into place 30 beams, 4 purlin beams (wt. several hundred pounds each), a couple of ropes and even with the snows, built it. I am a hoarder of quilting materials and needlework yarns, husband collects everything, so this cabin is SMALL. I occupy my time reading, working as many puzzles a day as my old eyes allow me to solve. I enjoy all of them!! and the challenging ones the prefered ones. (now are you sorry you asked for all the feedback???? Laughing. You can tell how much I miss the "real world" can't you. Missmack keep on making challenging puzzles.


Happy Valley, Oregon


Okla., USA

Hi Shermahvt - I live in Brisbane Australia

Hi I live in the sourth of England and much enjoyed your puzzle. Many thanks

Hi--Rodeo Weekend in Big Timber, MT USA is drawing to a close--time to choose a beautiful puzzle to relax with. Thanks.


Hi im in warrington England

Thanks - I'm in Lancashire, in the north of England.

Hi! Cleveland, Georgia here. Love the colors.

Hi Sherri. I am in Reno Nevada. Have a great day.

fun puzzle, Hayden, Idaho

Sherri, I am clear across the country from you--Portland, Oregon!

Nice puzzle. Solving from Guelph, Ontario, Canada. Happy Day.

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