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Some of the latest hatchlings

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The incubators have been running since late December and the older chicks are already sold but there's always new ones coming along. These are from last week.
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Six cute fluffy babies. Nice to see you again.


Hi Edie, I hope you will drop by again sometime with all your lovely critter puzzles. I have missed you and them.


Hi RandomWorship, I first met Edie in 2012 a long time ago now and I used a different Avatar.
always enjoyed her chicken puzzles but I do know she had problems but not sure what and she did tell me off around Christmas time last year for disappearing my self for other reasons.


Clive, Edie is not on Jigidi so much any more, as she focuses on her home responsibilities. I'm not aware of her being unwell. (❛ᴗ❛)


Hi nicco, I am not sure that Edie is vey well.


PS: How are the kittens?


Lovely to see these, Edie. Greetings & Best Wishes from England UK. x


Sorry to be late in catching up Edie but nice to see you posting again. Clive.
My solve 104.


Adorable results of your hard work, Edie, thank you very much. I'm glad to see you again, I hope that the treatment was successful and that you are all, including Luke and Cole healthy and happy.
Hugs and love from all here and nice cuddles to these two L&C and all your lovely cats ♥☺♥


they are adorable!
unfortunately it took me 15 seconds to solve this- so no leaderboard.

Looks like there is quite a variety.


Wonderful to see you again, Edie! And the latest members of your feathered family too. I hope life is treating you all well. And thanks for dropping by! (❛ᴗ❛)


These are too cute ~ I must have them all !!! Great to see you Sistah !


A gorgeous fluffy row of cuties! Lovely to see then Edie - and great to "see" you too! Thanks .


What gorgeous little fluffy fellas! Lovely to see them...and you, Edie! :-))


Soft little miracles to hold in ones hands. I'll never forget Edie, as long as I have memory. Thanks.


So nice to see you back, Edie. Cute little chicks, all different colors.


So cute! Babies keep you young...or wear you out! LOL ;)))

Nice to see you posting! Thanks for sharing. This would make an adorable Easter jigidi.


So good to see you posting a puzzle of your latest chicks, Edie. hey are so adorable. Always loved seeing your menagerie. Thanks, Edie. Stay warm! :-)

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