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Once upon a time in my garden...

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Gardens are ever changing aren't they? Someimes without even trying. A mystery? :) Robyn
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I will for sure Irena. Thanks so much ☺☺☺


Yes the photos reminding us of many beautiful memories. Have a great time at the jigsaw puzzle Robyn.


Aw thank you Irena. I'm very happy that you like it. As the title says... Once upon a time- used to have this view in my garden, now where did it go !! Things get lost or die, buried under other growth. It's so good to have photos for our memories. xxx
(¯`’•.¸*♫♪♥(✿◠‿◠)♥♫♪*¸.•’´¯) ☺ (¯`’•.¸*♫♪♥(✿◠‿◠)♥♫♪*¸.•’´¯)


Robyn, very pretty flowers :-)...Irena


Maybe not for all flowers but busy lizzie/ Impatiens/water fuschia - definitely the white one, and Mandevilla climber the white one as I experienced it with both. Plus I had one rose that started to turn pink when it was near a red rose. Apparently white is a very weak "colour" for a flower.
Yes flowers are so good for our happiness... keep on being happy, lovely to hear from you. :)


I like the new red colored flowers even better then the original. But as long as flowers are in full bloom, I love all of them!

I didn't know that the proximity of other flowers could make the difference! I'm glad to know that!


Thanks cbmuller ! I just love a rambly garden. I grew up with them and lots of long grass to play in and I still love that too.
That was a great surprise for you! Fancy that. Which do you like the best, red or yellow...
Sometimes what is in the soil, or what is growing beside or near the plant can change the colour of the plant. I had a beautiful white (can't think of the name) and the pink flowers nearby started tinting my white one pink. I was quick to move it out of range. Hydrangeas are reliant on the elements in the ground to keep their colour the same, otherwise they start changing. Another thing is, if it's a hybrid or cross, it can revert back to the original at some point. I'm expecting that you weren't expecting a lecture on the subject... lol :) Robyn


The flowers are just gorgeous!

I have trouble growing beautiful flowers in my garden, but three weeks ago I planted a chrysanthemum plant I was given as a gift for my birthday. It was an inside plant and blossomed beautifully for several weeks. After the flowers died, I pruned the plant way down and planted it in my garden. Yesterday it started blooming, this time with red flowers instead of the yellow ones it had originally! A nice surprise!

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