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Not impressed. ☺

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I tried several times to persuade Elsa to pose nicely amidst the bluebells, but this was the best I could do without dropping her short lead; she didn't seem impressed with them☺
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Lovely to see you Jana, and thank you very much from Elsa and me! ♥♥♥


I have the same experience with Max ☺☺☺ Elsa is beautiful, thanks dear Lorna ♥♥♥


Thank you Pat. Its funny, it isn't until I look at her photo that I realise how grey she is getting! ☺


She's so pretty ..


Thank you very much Ank! Hugs ♥♥♥


I loved the set Lorna, this one is the best. ☺
Hugs ♥♥♥


Thanks Suzy. She thinks so anyway!

Thanks Tea. It is true! For 4 years we battled over her going upstairs. She won that battle when I eventually put a small bed for her upstairs. That was part 1 of her training of me... Then the extra biscuit which I started giving her as a reward for being so good about having her eye drops in the mornings became a daily demand; part 2 completed.... Part 3 was her plan of being allowed on my bed but she spectacularly failed in that particular mission! ☺


I laughed, that’s funny that you and Elsa have finished training each other😂 I’m glad you shared the photo with us :)


Elsa is the star. It's that simple. :)))


Thanks Ianto! ☺

Oh yes, Bekkabee, she certainly does! Thank you. ☺


She knows who the star of the photo is :-))

Then you were made for each other, That is a good thing,


Thank you Ardy, I have just seen it (what a beautiful photo) and left a comment.


Oh yes Ianto, I do, very much! I recognised the look of steely determination in her eyes the moment I first saw her, but now we seem to have mutually agreed that we have completed the 'training' of each other, her eyes have definitely softened! ☺


Here's one

Ben died very recently so this is a repost.

That she seems to have. But you still love her.


You are right Ianto - and it can be a rather stubborn and determined mind!

Thank you very much Patti!


Her collar almost matches the bluebells! :) And Elsa is a real beauty. Thanks Lorna!

Elsa has her own mind.


Thank you Ardy. The bluebells were magnificent, and there were carpets of them all around. I'll take a look at Barbara's photos. ☺


Beautiful collar, Lorna. Happened to see this when signing on. Maybe you should show Elsa some of BarbaraL's photos of Ben in the bluebells to give Elsa an idea of what you want her to do. 😊 I've seen smaller patches of bluebells but never an expanse like this. Thank you. It's so lovely.

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