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Happy July 4 to the USA and The Earth - Aphelion!

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The earth's orbit around the sun is not a perfect circle, nor is the moon's orbit around the earth.

When the moon is at its closest, we call it perigee, and at its furthest, apogee. If a full moon happens to occur very close to perigee, we call it a supermoon, because it does look a little bigger in the sky, being so much closer. Conversely, at apogee it is a micromoon because it is further away and appears slightly smaller.

Today the earth is as far away from the sun as it gets in its orbit. We call that aphelion. The sun is slightly smaller in the sky than when it is at perihelion in January.

So, happy Independence Day to the USA, and happy aphelion to Earth.

Enjoy today's microsun!
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