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45 pieces
111 solves
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  1. cado1:50
  2. inny1:52
  3. holica2:02
  4. Liz12342:02
  5. leslieg2:06
  6. mapletree2:12
  7. eva112:13
  8. libiohac2:13
  9. Hooker2:14
  10. Heather20122:17


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Tooo cute! cheryl

109 is the number of solves when I solved it. I would like to see our chickens do that. They laid a first egg yesterday. A funny idea for a puzzle.


Haha! Thanks Donna. Hope you're staying cool, too, in this heat and humidity! It's probably no cooler for you even though you are a little farther north. Sending Big hugs to you, my friend!!


You always come up with some cute funnies, Dottie. I always get a giggle when I open your site to check your puzzles. (ha) Thank you for this one -- it is hilarious!!!!! Hope you are doing great and staying cool in this hot weather. Take care until next time, my friend. Hugs!!!


Haha!! Better than mine too, Cuz!!!


That chicken has a better figure than I do. :)


GhostOfMrPort, that's a great caption! Wish I had thought of that! LOL!! Thanks!!


That's funny, mycat! Thanks!


Tickled mine too, sauvegirl! Thanks!

Last one in's a chicken! Thanks Dixie!


Wish my chickens would do that... It's 98 F. here. :-))


Tickled my funny bone. TFS

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