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Remembering our Lucky

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February 1972 - 3 August 1990

He was our friendly GIANT.
6 February 1973 -whilst I was still at work- my hubby had taken a few hours off and went to the Animal rescue shelter and brought Lucky Luke (his actual full name we gave him☺) home to surprise me. Coming home from work whilst climbing the stairs I heard him talk to someone, so I figured we had a visitor..... What a wonderful surprise it was when I entered our living room to see this beautiful kitty looking at me with his almond shaped golden eyes. It was love at first sight from both sides!♥ At the shelter they'd figured he was about 11 months old. He was the third kitty in my life, but the first kitty I became 'mum' to.☺☺
He was huge (not only big) and he enjoyed and always welcomed our visitors, but his appearance also made some people wary when they first saw him. ☺
Lucky was our kitty kid for 17½ years and will never be forgotten. I'll always remember the day we let him go to cross the Rainbow Bridge, but that it's 30 years ago today is hard to imagine!
No dwelling of course, just sharing happy memories of our Lucky!♥♥♥
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What a lucky Lucky.!

I once won a rabbit at a magic show in my home town. My G'pa was a veterinarian and the rabbit went to G'pa's office since he had some cages where the rabbit could reside until my dad fixed a place at home. I named him Lucky. Eventually my dad asked a farmer if Lucky could go to their place and Lucky was able to be in the yard without a cage. He died of old age at the farm. I heard my dad tell someone, and then kept my tears to myself since I didn't want my dad to know I had heard him.


Too bad the Dutch Government wouldn't let you do something like this:


Yeah, Marilyn....when you have a kitty for so long you'd think they'll live forever, but THE day always comes unexpected.
It's so sweet of Mike to have held Charlie's funeral for the kids. I can imagine it was hard for you to go. We've always had our kitties cremated after they passed and their ashes scattered over sea. In Holland it's officially not allowed to scatter pets' ashes over land, though many people do too. You can only do so when you have your pet cremated individually.


I think kitties are wonderful. I am so glad you got to have Lucky for so long. We miss our Charlie who was 18 when she passed. She is buried in our backyard. I could not go to her funeral my husband held for the kids. I could not bear it at the time.


Yes, Nancy, He was big and sweet! Posting this memoriam brought back so many lovely memories. Yesterday evening I was on the phone with my best friend, she has known Lucky too, and we shared our stories of our late kitties:-))♥♥

Yeah, Lynetteoz, our kitties have always been an important part of our family. When we got our Lucky we had just got married (dec.'72) and just moved into our first 'own' home at the weekend (3 Febr.'73)☺. (We were married about 17¾ years when Lucky crossed the Rainbow Bridge! ) So many impressions in so many years from the start, it's now wonder I still recall so many :-)) I'm happy our boys have known him for quite some years as well!:-)

Yeah, Nan....I feel we were also the 'lucky' ones! ♥

Oh yes, Anne, he sure our first home we didn't have a balcony, just a window where I could let him have a snif of fresh air in my arms, but I couldn't hold him for too long as he was so heavy! When we moved to our second home in 1975 he was really really happy with our balcony!:)


OH, he WAS a big kitty. Almost jumbo sized. But lovable nevertheless.


What lovely memories! He was aptly named - coming into your home and hearts was the best life a cat could have.


I love that we can have such happy memories of a cat that we loved so much and the feeling was mutual. It's very special to love these beautiful animals and have them as part of our family so I know how you feel Impie :-)


That's a big kitty! Sounds like a was a big sweetie! Wonderful memories. :-)) ♥♥


Hi Ella, Kailey also sounds like big kitty....20 lbs is 9+ kilos....not bad for a kitty girl, a bit like Milly as we remember her? ☺☺
Back then we had a (purple)woolen blanket on our bed and Lucky would sit on my hubby's shin and knead the blanket until he got in some trance and got a big drop on his big brown nose!☺☺..... Then he made himself comfortable between us pulling away a large part of the blanket from either of us! LOL
He was layed back and relaxed in general. In the right photo he's on our balcony laying next to the cage of our 2 budgies, who were also getting some fresh air.☺The cage was normally on the bay window and Lucky often would sit next to the cage to look outside, he wasn't even interested in them! ☺☺


Lucky looks a lot like my Kailey, except her tail was all gray and no gray on her nose. She was also a little hefty at 20 lbs. imagine laying on the sofa and have her jump off the back of the sofa onto your stomach! OUCH!
I can tell by his relaxed posture, that Lucky was very sweet and gentle.


Thanks, @generic_bear2 I hear you....many of us have been there and it's always hard to say goodbye to our beloved pets.
From the age of 4 I've had 5 kitties in my life to call my own and I loved them all but my last kitty boy Goofie (my avatar) who crossed the Rainbow Bridge 3 years ago next month, was really no other kitty I've known! ♥

Yeah, Faye, that would be a wonderful image, I guess Lucky was about 3 times the size of Little Molly (if not more) ♥☺♥


I'm just thinking of Lucky standing beside Molly... ;DDD

I have "lost" a lot of wonderful kitties over time. Some mine some my daughters. But I loved them ALL, some were very big, some not so big.


Yeah, GG, he was really large and he also had a sweet nature. A friendly Giant for sure!
He was more of a "daddy's" boy, my hubby could do nothing wrong by him. He wasn't a scaredy kitty, but if something did scare thunder, he'd go to his daddy and seek shelter but gave me the "look" as I was to 'blame'! LOL
One day a sweet black kitty came at our Porch and I made the mistake of letting him in....Lucky immediately grabbed him and made him see every corner of the house, I felt so sorry for the kitty. I called 'Dierenambulance" (no chipped kitties those days) and they came and collect him to try and find out who his owners were!! Well, I was the one who let the stranger Lucky ignored me for 3 whole days(!!) and chose only his daddy!!!! ☺☺☺

Yeah, Betty, so many we also forget and come up when we hear other kitty stories or at those special occasions like today. ☺

Those wonderful memories of our Rainbow babies do make us smile!


My, he was a large kitty to be sure! What a wonderful story, Impie. I'm so glad you have this sweet memory. Thank you for sharing!


Thanks, Pammi, yes, he was huge and heavy. In his 'good days' he weighed 12 kilos, he was too big I know, but he only ate 200 grams of poulet (beef) a day!!! He didn't like/eat catfood and he didn't like F.I.S.H.!!!!☺☺ But....he LOVED boxes...the smaller the better LOL
We don't know what his history was before we rescued him, but he wasn't fond of babies, though from the walking age and on he adored our two boys, he even came sit on their laps....I have photos of him sitting on Patrick's lap....his size (and weight) made Patrick partly invisible!☺☺☺☺


Impie he sure was a big boy but great because there was more of him to love. It is no wonder you loved him because he is such a sweetie. ☺☺☺☺

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