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The headlamps were recessed and covered in swept-back glass covers for better aerodynamics. Additional silverized touches marked the fenders and other components. The sleek lines continue throughout the fiberglass body, ending in a classic spare-wheel design in the rear. Though this look would later symbolize everything that was wrong with the 1970s, at the time it was coolness personified.

Perhaps the Special’s most distinguishing feature was its all-plexy canopy with gull-wing doors. The transparent panels swung upwards to admit occupants. This must have been done with aerodynamics in mind, though it seems to compromise the “wind in your hair” feel that’s an essential part of driving a convertible.
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I saw this at the Peterson Museum in Los Angles, CA.

OooOOps! I meant '54 :p

HeimlichManouver - pls refer to the description panels of the first 2 of these I posted...they specify this is from 1953 ;)

Now, this had to be an early 1950s GM Motorama dream car (concept car) that probably predates the original Corvette. Designers back then were encouraged to push design to suggest air-age themes and eventually space-age themes. As such I don't understand the reference to the 1970s. This design was never put into production.
In America the 1970s began with the choking off of performance for emissions standards. Safety standards influenced front and rear design starting in 1973. Oil shortages and OPEC resulted in the downsizing trend that GM started with the full sized models in 1977. The biggest style trend was the move to opera windows, landau irons, fender skirts and hood ornaments starting ca. 1973. GM's downsizing also was the beginning of their dark years, when Cavaliers could be rebadged into Cimarrons. None of that is related to this concept car.


Oh WoW!!! Perhaps I should have checked to see what has already been published before including this one! lol :)

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