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April 1982 -- aerial view of the progress of the newly built and homed houses.

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I've marked an arrow on the roof and with X in the garden where my home is now. The previous habitant lived there from Aug.1980 to December 1995.
Our area became a sort of village in the city! ☺☺


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Indeed, Betty!

Why thank you, to the format of the making of the garden, goes to my hubby, but I'm definitely proud of how it looks today!
I wonder from which floor this photo was taken, I guess from the 12th (the highest of this apartment building) but only now I'm actually aware they might enjoy my garden as well! ☺☺☺


Wow, it's amazing how different the area is from the two photos you shared! Your garden certainly has become a sanctuary since the above photo, and you are an inspiration to all!

You are so lucky on that!


Thank you so much, zhaba47. ;)

Right, Ella, when I first saw this photo I was also thinking snow! I guess it's the lighting of the sun....
The building at the back of our garden was home to a grower and is there since 1961(looked it up). I once heard from a neighbour that this building was also the set of the tv series "Glazenstad". (About growers and the greenhouses in trouble by the expanding of the citiy). When we moved here in 1996 it was the home and practice of a GP who retired in that year. I even tipped my Vet and asked her to come and move to here, but she didn't.;-)) It's now a funeral/insurance service office!
We have great facilties close by, hospital, public transport and shopping centres at walking distance!;-)

Thanks, Betty. The garden is like an extention of my living room, so I like to keep it in good shape. Of course there will always be people who will use it for a dump just because it's "just a rental place", but luckely not many here do that!♡

Right, Faye. We walked that street (in 2016) to the bend in the road to catch the bus to Scheveningen. In 2018 after we went from your hotel to my home, we got off the bus opposite the street! Remember peeking between the fences around the building plot? (You won't recognize it here anymore!)
Great memories and hard to imagine this was 4 and 2 years ago! ♡♡♡


And I can see "the bend in the road"! LOL That street is where we walked to catch the tram to Scheveningen, right? Love seeing this...and it's bookmarked to solve with your other "old" photos altogether. ❤️❤️❤️

How cool! What you've done with your garden is even more amazing when I think that you've rented not owned. Very powerful!


Oh wow! I love it! It does look like a little village! It also, looks like it had been snowing, too. I see the building at the back of your property stayed there when they began building the new homes. Is that a house, too? It looks like it has chimneys.
I like the ways it looks as if you can leave the village and go into the big city and then come back to the coziness of the village, again.