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Here's the train...

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We are very lucky here in our little village - as of August last year we no longer have the trains roaring through gardens and past houses. They built a whole new set of tracks at another location, reducing commuting-time 50 percent-ish between the two towns of Larvik and Porsgrunn.

The city-council officials of my town, Larvik, are applying the government for economical support to convert the old train-route to a become walking- and bicycle-friendly track.

Not sure how I feel about that, because the bottom of my garden borders to the old railroad-tracks - and having strangers on foot or bike that close is kind of a violation of my peace and quiet. Maybe I'll have to consider getting a ram...I've heard that they tend to be a bit on the grumpy side...
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Thank you, Brandall - good to hear about successful Conversions from Train to feet:-)) Makes me a bit more friendly towards the project.


Where I used to live in Washington state there was a similar "Rails-to-trails" program. It turned out to be highly successful, and vandalism/loss of privacy issues turned out to be virtually non-existent.

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