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Maxi our watchcat

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Maxi was found by a neighbors son in the woods nearby his house. He thought its a boycat and named it Max. Unfortunetly he could not stay with him. So he thought we could take care of Max, because we had already taken in some abandoned cats. Max liked the idea and we too. After a while Max turned out to be a girl and became Maxi. She lives already 9 years with us. Maxi is a very wild cat, she loves to climb the trees and take her nap their. Her favorit tree is close to our entry and where the picture was taken.
Like I said, Maxi is not the only cat that lives with us. At the moment there are 8 cats at "Sítio Verde", one more cat which visits us once in a while for some weeks and 2 dogs. Surely they are all neutered ;)
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@Tropi Thank you for a bit of Maxi's story, and a teaser mentioning more cats that live with you at "Sítio Verde" plus a visitor (Joey?).

You can guess what I'll say next: Please let us meet them all (photos/puzzles + names & info) and then see them more than once. And consider posting puzzles in two sizes--your preferred size (200+ pieces?) and something smaller, maybe half that size or even less. Whenever you get around to it.

Looking forward to meeting your family. Thanks! ~Patsy

Hi Patsy @beyondwords , I saw you also have some cats... Your "River Cat" just looks like Joey that visits us once in a while...

Definitely on watch! Please tell us more about Maxi and let us see him again soon.

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15 October 2020 - 24 April 2016
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