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Beautiful Black Cat on Windowsill - Black Forest

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If you were walking down the street this Halloween and a black cat crossed your path, what would you do? Would you merely glance at it and then carry on with your day? Call it over and give it a stroke? Or would you be convinced you were about to start a run of terrible luck?

For some, the sight of a midnight-black moggy invokes fear. And sadly, it's often for this reason that they are the last to be adopted in rescue centres.

Tamara Willis, Battersea Old Windsor’s Cattery Rehomer, explained to Mirror Online: "Black cats are often overlooked at Battersea. "Some people may be superstitious or say black cats are less distinguishable in their pens or boring to look at."

(Text: The Mirror - 27 OCT 2015 - NICOLA OAKLEY)
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Schwarze Katzen sind ganz besonders chic! Danke, Leni.



Thank you for sharing your memories, Sycamore!


My Dad was very superstitious! I mean, you didn't want him to find out you broke a mirror in the house; he'd remember for the next 7 years if anything bad happened. You didn't want to open an umbrella in the house, or walk under a him all that brought bad luck. And of course, he would NEVER cross the path of a black cat! When I was an adolescent, we lived on a one-way street. I will never forget the time we were in the car going somewhere. Daddy was driving and a black cat crossed the street in front of the car...and he backed that car up all the way down to the intersection so he could go another way and not have to drive across that cat's path! Yet, he considered the #13 his lucky number! He's been gone over 45 years and I still miss him...


He is rather gorgeous! Thanks, Evelyn.


I'm sure she is still loved and missed!


Beautiful cat, I was always bought up to think we were very lucky indeed to have a black cat cross our path. We always had a black cat when I was a child. The first cat that we had when we were married was black her name was Penny.

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