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Theme: Jigidi Appreciation Day - Jigidi as a Tourist Guide

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Som years ago I solved a puzzle which @Magnus had published.
When I visited Denmark, I came to think of this church and the story. It was only a short drive away from my hotel, so I decided to visit. I was not disappointed, this place was worth a visit.

Magnus's puzzle:
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Thank you, Suzy


A nice way to show appreciation for jigidi, alias2v. Well done!

I have some more photos of the church which I will publish later.



I know what I did. I highlighted the whole line and not just the link. My error ☺

Thank you, Ardy
The link is supposed to show Magnus' puzzle of this church.

Thank you, sweetieddvz


What a creative theme puzzle,alias2v. And so true. Thank you. If you really want to call him to this remember it has to be done in a Comment not in the description.
Are you sure that link take us where you want? Good job, alias2v.


Very interesting alias2v ! Thanks it's really cool.

Thank you!

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