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Old Fashioned Weekend in the Park, Beresford, South Dakota

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We spent 6 hours "in the park" Saturday. It had rained the night before so we enjoyed cooler temperatures for most of the day. This was our third "weekend in the park", as we began going to events in Beresford 5 years ago. Beresford is one jam & jelly eatin' town, let me tell you 😊

Now you know why I have been making so many jams these last two weeks 😊 ... and for good reason. We originally brought over 50 flavors, and sold out of 12. Our best seller, Strawberry Rhubarb, was gone in under 3 hours, one by one, the other 11 flavors followed 😉

I will be busy for the next few weeks as we get ready for The Big Sioux River Days that is held here in town over the Labor Day weekend. This will be our sixth year. It's a 3 day event just like the Tulip Festival, except this one will be easier on us since it's only 5 blocks from our house 😊
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Thrift stores are the best place to find things. I'm sure that she is glad that you find things for her.


@nanab ... it's been the best seller 6 years in a row now ... nothing comes close. Mrs. crafts come & go in spurts ... a lot of looking, a lot of nice comments, but sales are slow at the moment. Big Sioux River Days will be a big event for her crafts, as she will be bring Fall & Christmas wreaths, baskets, a centerpiece or two ... is just depends on what we find.

we went to thrift stores today after the market, looking for anything she can use for her crafts. I also bid in online auctions ... mostly holiday decorations for her. if I find some, I let her know, then she tells me if she can use them or not


I did not know that strawberry rhubarb was your best seller, I'm not surprised though.
How is the Mrs. doing with sales of her crafts?


I never seem to have a shortage of taste testers 😂 lol

I'm sure, John!!!!! Otherwise you wouldn't be killing yourself with all the work this entails. If it's not enjoyable, it's not worth doing on this scale. MY enjoyment would be to act as your taste tester.....of absolutely everything! ; ))))


we do sell from home, we get phone calls all the time with orders that are placed on the dining room table, waiting for pick up. we also enjoy doing this "controlled chaos" 😊 ... and have discussed doing this as a retirement vehicle.

I've been on disability since '98, for an accident that happened in '82, and I have never enjoyed doing something more than I do with the jams & jellies

John, can you find space to sell this from your home? Just thinking it would be so much easier than having to drive all over with loaves of bread, fudge and jelly jars!!! You really need to go back to work.....this retirement deal is brutal! ; ))))


John I used to make bread at home now only the two of use easier to bye bread and feed it to the birds when not needed.

Some one is trying to tell you something. And it a good thing. Fresh bread just out of the oven is the best. With homemade jam:-)))) You can't lose.


this was 2 years ago Clive, when I was younger, and foolish 😉 now I'm older, and even more foolish 😂 lolol


Well you work harder than me John. LOL!!!


@Ianto ... it depends Jolene ... we have done it before. 2 years ago after setting up I left my wife with 27 loaves of bread and 2½lbs of fudge. I went back to the house to wrap 10 more loaves and another lb of fudge. when I got back 20 minutes later, she had 7 loaves and a ½lb of fudge left. she said she could handle it, so I went back home and baked another 47 loaves and made another 4lbs of fudge in 6 hours, running back and forth to the park every hour with fresh from the oven breads. by 3pm I was back in the park with my wife, at 5 we packed up and headed home. I started baking & making fudge when I got home for the last day

So many happy people.


@ulangariver ... Nev, I hear a lot of "there's so many to choose from" to which I reply "that way there is something for everyone" 😊


thanks again 😊

from the left:
each row is a different flavor, all ½ pints, 3 deep. where the tables meet are the ¾ pints & pints. on the step display are ¼ pints

the ½ pints are the jams & jellies. the ¾ pints are dill, sweet, or jalapeno relishes, watermelon pickles and peach salsa. the pints are salsa, pickled beets and two types of applesauce

the ¼ pints are the "leftovers" when I make a batch. great for the person who lives alone, or as gifts 😊


Now that is a lot of jars.


My father used to say that he loved all kinds of pie, except jam pie - the top crust jammed down on the bottom one.




Nice image. So I guess there's nothing to be done but sit down to the table with some nice hot buttery toast and try some of the strawberry rhubarb!


just think of me like the little devil on your shoulder ... who has just hogtied and gagged the little angel on your other shoulder 😉 lol


Gee, I wasn't hungry until you tagged me, John! :o)


that's our niche Bill ... no one else comes close to as many flavors as we have 😉


That was a good inventory, for as long as it lasted.


yes it is 😊 ... we plan on taking a week long vacation in 6 weeks ... courtesy of the jams & jellies


All that hard work is paying off, John.


thanks all 😊 I've been telling folks I'm torn between "Yay, what a great day" and "Crap, I need to make more" 😂 lol


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Strawberry rhubarb is by far my favorite!

Congrats on your power achievement, you deserve a golden medal!


Glad the Jam business is jamming for you. At least you had nice cool weather for the weekend.


WOW... That is a lot of jams and jelly..!

You did bring bread. That is quite a lot, We all are proud of you.

Being so close to home, will you have the bread straight from the oven?

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