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Smallest Cat Breed, the Singapura

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  1. Katie1:05
  2. pato681:13
  3. GalBr1:14
  4. hellodolly1:26
  5. johnsmx61:26
  6. BarbaraL1:27
  7. trodgers1:27
  8. mmzmjreed21:34
  9. vickijs1:35
  10. bc651:40


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I have a black three-legged Oriental Shorthair -- they're very tiny, with an Egyptian face, long sleek body and tail, and big ears. He lost his leg when his mother bit it, perhaps thinking it was the umbilical cord, and it had to be amputated. I got him when his breeder brought him in to my vet clinic to be euthanized, thinking no one would want to buy him. Norton has been the greatest cat ever! Hrmmph. Here's a video of one with four legs:

I want a Maine Coon and a Siberian. Big and pretty kitties!


This is on my list of dream cats to get: I also want a Tonkinese, a Burmilla (that's a vanilla Burmese), an old-fashioned Siamese, and an Abbysinian. Ah, what a great dream that would be!

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