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try to guess what it is...

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  1. Nanabeth40:34
  2. franknkathi56:35
  3. rebhul1:03:22
  4. Cynthiarh1:05:54
  5. Emf1:14:46


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Thank you Espee, description, and the riddle statement. The physical state is now relieved. However, I do not get here formed in my eyes the old table surface. In any case, the picture is stunning and enigmatic. Thank you Espee and have a nice day!


Hello RitaTen, in fact you can have the solution if you solve the puzzle...
Hé hé hé !!!

OK, I will tell you: it's a photo of an old table, in a café in the town of Lyon, France.
I've made a zoom, I've found it seemed very strange with the reflection of daylight on this old table...
It's not an exotic thing, not a stange one, just a simple thing you can find everyday.
But all the "art" of photo consists to find the right angle and the right light to get something unusual.

I hope it's OK for you.
Have a nice day !



I have been waiting since October 2016, here the beginning of March 2017, 5 months, that I may know what this illustration shows. I see that pressure of the air scrubber is washed with a large floor mat. Please tell me the truth!

Well espee, you did just that! Have a pleasant Sunday.


He he, Emf, sorry for your diseappointment ! it was just something very common, not an exotic thing... Sometimes, depending of the perspective, you can create some kind of mysterious (?) or strange picture, all the magic of photography is here...
Have a nice day :)))

What a cheat! Thought it was of some interesting slug or something!? Great photo though, many thanks espee.

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