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In the pink...

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Chrysanthemums from Mother's Day & Bougainvillea in the back garden.
Yeah! I've learnt how to add text to a collage!!!!
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Beautiful, and so well done Robyn!


Thanks so much Dave - it's nice to learn how to do what so many others have:))))


Incrdible photos, Robyn!! Words and all!!


Thanks Jana :)))

Thanks Laura :)))


Pretty pinks, Robyn!


Well done Rob, great pink collage, thank you so much :-))) hugs


Thanks Shirley - I agree :))

I'll head there now snooker - thanks!!!

Very pretty, Rob. There is a puzzle up for you. :)


Two old faithful plants, always have beautiful showy flowers. Thanks Rob.


Thanks Nev - I can't let the grey matter atrophy totally :)))))


You sound like me Cathy - I need someone to show me the steps rather than just tell me:)))) I'm hopeless at understanding computer logic - but once I got it - I was OK!!! Thanks!!


Gorgeous flowers!! The collage is perfect. I really must learn how to make them. I've tried a few times with no success. So Rob you are not the slowest learner. : )


Slowly, slowly Beekay:)))) Thanks - it does feel good to learn something new:))))


Thanks Barb - I really like this colour - and I can now add text!!!!

Thanks Patti!!

Thanks Ank - I'm a slow learner :)))


Pat yourself on the back Robyn! It's great when we can add to our computer skills...each one is a sweet victory! At least to me it is. I'm still quite new to all this stuff.


Wow beautiful Rob, and my compliments, love your first collage♥


Both are so beautiful!


Wow! Two matching colors although two different plants.... :) Both beautiful!
Congrats Rob on learning new skill! LOL


Thanks Janet - when it comes to technical 'stuff' I'm a slow learner :))))


Very pretty Rob, the colours are wonderful and go together beautifully. Well done with the text too!
Hugs, janet

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