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  1. masomi0831:40
  2. comunero33:19
  3. mlmccoy35:28
  4. cerbero35:30
  5. nynet35:35
  6. josephine0035:55
  7. laurajp36:38
  8. Catz1236:55
  9. ygold37:08
  10. Billza37:21


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You're right mizelaine. They are members of family not "objects". Have good time !


Thank you, That was really fun! There are no bad dogs, just bad owners!


Thank you so much about cracked ;) Nice to hear you are alright in this hard time . Have a good day dear friend ;)


I don't want to cry rascal.
merci pour lui zdrill, he's a star hihi.
Yes nynet but money you need to "deliver" him is big big big. I'm alright as I can day after day. And I whish the same for you my friend. (love your "cracked" puzzles").


I will Pay to get him free ;) Thanks for The puzzle my friend . Hope you are alright :)

love the whiskers - thanks


The shame is that millions of dogs are put into prison, and even executed, for commiting no crime at all.

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