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Arbutus at Saanich Inlet

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Arbutus is the only native broad-leafed tree in Canada that retains its leaves year round. What makes Arbutus special is that they have a very specific environment in which they can grow. Within that environment, they are extremely hardy and are great at resisting droughts, extreme winds, poor soil nutrients, and even wildfires. These trees are found on open rocky outcrops near the ocean, keeping within about 8km of the shorelines and occasionally in deeper soils in forest openings within the shoreline distance. It is not rare for an Arbutus tree to live up to 400 years.


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Thanks for your comment Terry. Arbutus are quite abundant on the southern half of Vancouver Island and on the Gulf Islands (Canada's half of the San Juans).


DougBruce, I looked at the tree in this photo and recognized it. The link stated, that an Arbutus tree is also known by the name Pacific Madrone. We live in Southwestern Oregon about 70 miles inland from the ocean. Madrone trees are very common in this area. We even have one on our property. The photo of the tree and the description match ours perfectly. The only other place I remember seeing Madrones, is the area around the San Juan Islands. Folks do not call the trees Pacific Madrones around here but just Madrones. Perhaps the Madrones near water are a slightly different subspecies that just look the same. My daughter liked them enough she even had her last name changed to "Madrone." Terry


Hope you find that picture!


Yes, isn't it a beauty? Somewhere buried in my computer I've got a great photo of my wife Dianne and another friend sitting on a huge horizontal limb of a very large arbutus. I'll see if I can find it ...


DougBruce: WOW, I've been to Vancouver Island many times and I never saw this. Absolutely beautiful and unusual. Thanks for posting. The puzzle was really fun to build!


It really is a beauty isn't it? Typical Vancouver Island scenery. A very special place.


Breathtakingly beautiful picture. So surreal and peaceful. Love it. Wish I was there.