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Good rules :-)

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Correct Alias. Normal behavour in Sweden and Norway, still not always good in Denmark :-)))))))))))))))

Thank you for the reminder, Sissel.

What I learned many years ago:
When you leave an area you shall leave only two things:
- nothing and
- a thank you to the owner.

And also:
Leave the area in a better state than it was when you arrived.


Thanks Ianto :-)))

I know JJAMS :-)))))))))))))))))

Love it!! This is a geocaching motto, too. 😃

Me as well.


Thanks janet and hugs :-)))

People are not logical Heidi. They want a better world without doing anything about it :-)))) Thanks

Ohh Juba. Good to have, so one can be remembered :-)))) Thanks

Hugs back Jackie :-)))

It sure will - I hope Ianto :-)))

Some people need to be thought Owl :-))) Thanks

:-)))) Racoon

Thanks PW - I noticed too :-)))


Very good words thanks Sissel, yes these signs appear in places here too. Hugs ♥♥


Sadly, too many people refuse to read or follow signs. They think rules don't apply to them.


I have a small sign like this. It’s in my potted plant.

Very good sign. Thank you. Hugs !!!!

That will work.


Sad that we need signs like this :(


Wise words! Love this! Thanks, Sissel!


A footprint sign?


I noticed someone left a sign.


:-)))) Racoon

It should Raaike, but some people dont understand the idea :-))) Have a nice day


That's how it should be everywhere. -))) ♥


It was way before digital cameras and cell phones, and Kodak still made 35mm film. ;)


That is good too Racoon. Could it be before camera was invented ;-))))))) Thanks


When I was in the Boy Scouts, lo those many decades ago, it was:

Taking nothing by memories, leave nothing but footprints.


e see this in a lot of the park we visit here in the states. Hope this sign is in many countries since it is such a lovely sentiment. ;-))


Thank you Laskadog :-)))


Excellent rule !


Good morning Lia and thank you. I totally agree :-))))


This sign should be seen in more places!!
Better than: forbidden to... forbidden that... don't .....

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